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Creamy chickpea salad with avocado, feta & dill

This creamy chickpea salad reminds me of late summer days at our grandparents' country house in Sweden. I suppose it's the abundance of dill and it's vibrant and vigorous scent. It's just such a Swedish herb. This salad would go perfectly with the traditional Swedish 'kräftskiva' I guess. But it's just as good on its own with a nice slice of bread on the side. The chickpeas make this salad...

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A slow September

September for me is a month of new starts, of organization, there's a back to school feeling and always lots to do. The kitchen garden is groaning with all sorts of wonderful produce, not to mention the abundance of sunripe tomatoes. As I hate waste and love the idea of ​​enjoying all the home grown goodies throughout the winter, I am busy making jars of preserved tomatoes and all sorts of …

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A hidden retreat in rural Tuscany

in collaboration with Lena Lena We left Spain to spend some time in Italy, in Tuscany to be more exact. A hidden villa in the Tuscan countryside. Villa Lena is located on top of a hill, but it was once under a sea. It has all that old school vintage glamor but in a very laid back, bohemian and artsy atmosphere that made me feel right at home. Villa Lena is all…

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Garden shed makeover

In collaboration with By Benson I want my garden shed well organized and my garden wild and lush, does that make any sense? Well it does to me and I suppose that's all that matters. I just gave my garden tool shed a very much needed makeover and I'm so thrilled by the result. I absolutely looove to organize pretty much any space. My closet is color coordinated, in my…

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Tree edging using old bricks

I had a few broken, irregular shaped bricks left over since we made the greenhouse laying around and I was thinking about what I could do with them. A tree edging or tree ring felt like the perfect project…

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Moving out to the terrace

This weekend we finally moved outside and let the outdoor season begin. The terrace becomes the new livingroom and diningroom. Just like most people I love eating and drinking outside and I think it's a deep, almost primal desire we all share. As much as I love eating outdoor I also love cooking outside so I improvised a little outdoorkitchen. Nothing complicated or fancy, all the contrary. A small, simple…

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Slow flowers matter

Let's talk about slow flowers for a moment and why they matter. I talk a lot about gardening lately but it's the season so I hope you do not mind. This year I'm planting and growing more flowers than ever before.

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My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece. - Claude Monet It was only last year that I started my journey as a gardener for real and if I confess I was not really sure if I was going to feel the same way towards gardening as last year. But as the weather continues to warm and the ground slowly thaws, I'm back out there again. Putting lots of seeds in the ground, planning…

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Sustainable renovation with microcement

In collaboration with Italian Art Mikrocement Our kitchen just got a facelift, a sustainable renovation with microcement. I'm beyond happy with the result. Minimal but warm. Modern but at the same time utterly timeless. Calm and simple.If I had to choose only one typy of material or product when it comes to renovating sustainably I would choose microcement without hesitation. It's stronger than regular cement-based mixtures and its also suitable…