We have an old plum tree in our garden. And this year, the plum tree is really thriving. You pick one and it collapses three. Eddie pruned the tree two years ago and it really accelerated the plum. The first year after pruning, there were almost no plums at all, but now it is more than ever. But what do you do with all these plums?
Feels wrong not to take advantage of what grows outside the door. So far I have butter fried with cinnamon and had on the porridge, I have cooked compote in batches that are eaten up quite quickly. I have it for chia pudding or warm up and eat with skimmed oat milk. Good.

But we can not eat everything fresh and at once so I have boiled juice that I canned and also made canned plum jam. Think how wonderful it is to pick out a bottle of summer plum juice in November and remember the summer and all the good things.

Making my own juice is not that difficult and I like that I can control the sugar content myself. I chose to sweeten with stevia and crunchy coconut sugar .. tastes a little caramel.

We had to do a juice test before we put the bottles down in the food cellar. How proud you feel when you have done it all yourself. And the feeling of taking advantage of what grows in the garden is so heavenly nice.

This is what I did; I divided everything up into 3 days. Of course, you can do everything in one day, but when you are in the middle of everyday life with lots of other things that also need to catch up, it became more practical like this.

  • Day one. After work and school we picked a few liters of plums.
  • Day two. Rinse, core, boil and strain the first round.
  • Day three. Boil again, strain with a cloth, sterilize bottles, pour, boil filled bottles.

I add sugar when I cook the second round, when I strain the first turn. Removes any remaining foam. I sterilize the bottles by boiling them for 10-15 minutes. Then I fill them all the way up and boil the filled bottles on lower heat for about 15-30 minutes. By sterilizing the bottles and then boiling them, the juice is preserved and you can store them in, for example, food cellars. Some freeze their juice but I wanted to avoid that. It takes up unnecessary space in the freezer and the juice must be thawed before you can drink. You do not always have that foresight.

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