Rustic wooden bench made of old train rails. DIY

I get many questions about my rustic wooden bench that I have made from old sills, train rails. My neighbor had had them in his garden for many years but had decided to get rid of them so I asked if I could get some. The result was this rustic wooden bench. Today it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture here at home. Making it was really very easy. The wooden beam was sawn into three parts, two shorter for the legs and one a little longer for the upper part of the bench. We screwed and glued a little, then it was ready. The wooden bench still smells a bit of tar, a scent reminiscent of Swedish summer out in the country. Picnic on the pier and a trip with the boat.

Shelves can contain a toxic substance so it is important to keep this in mind if you want to do a similar project. It can be difficult to know if they are treated with the toxic substance creosote, so you are unsure, so maybe it is best not to just use sills and use other old wood instead. We have also used old boards that were in the basement when we renovated, but also old planks from beach promenades, terraces, etc. Old, gray, weathered and absolutely wonderful. It is important to have your eyes with you when you are out and about. Sometimes you're lucky.

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