A hidden retreat in rural Tuscany

in collaboration with Lena Lena

We left Spain to spend some time in Italy, in Tuscany to be more exact. A hidden villa in the Tuscan countryside.
Villa Lena is located on top of a hill, but it was once under a sea. It has all that old school vintage glamor but in a very laid back, bohemian and artsy atmosphere that made me feel right at home.
Villa Lena is all about creative connections with others but maybe mostly with oneself. The Villa is an art residence and the guests can also sign up for lots of different workshops like clay or why not yoga. There are also workshops for the children. A mix of artists hosting drinks. Creative workshops, truffle hunts. They have their own beautiful and inspiring veggie garden and much of the food served is from the farm straight to the table. Simply devine kitchen and wonderful service and staff.
Sustainable Agriturismo like no other.
Villa Lena is truly so much more than a hotel. It's a place to reconnect.

We got there by car, we took the ferry from Spain to make it as sustainable as possible but still being able to enjoy the scenery of Tuscany by car. So happy we did. It's not for nothing that large parts of Tuscany are part of Unesco world heritage.

Slow, sustainable and rural agritourism with a bohemian and artsy atmosphere. As if time had stopped and I loved every minute of it.

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