Hi, I'm Lina

So nice to meet you. I do a lot of things but mainly I'm a sustainable entrepreneur, photographer and stylist.

My roots are Italian but I live between Spain and Sweden. I believe slowing down and creating harmonious spaces helps us live a happier and meaningful life. When we slow down, simplify and live mindfully, we feel calmer within. It's also something that comes very naturally to me because of my southern Italian heritage.

I'm on a path of prioritizing well-being, of strengthening my mind and nourishing my body and soul. Of creating a life that focuses on quality experiences and creating a home that feels calm, warm, organized and loving. A home that helps my family thrive. A slow and sustainable home where most objects are reused, recycled or remade by me. I find joy and meaningfulness in rescuing old furniture and giving them new life.

I simplified my life in many ways – my possessions, relationships, how I spend my time and how I parent my two children that aren't all that little anymore. I grew a garden and and learned how to sow my own vegetables and herbs.. Since adopting a slower and more natural approach to life and letting go of what no longer serves me; I feel calmer and more content within.