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So I made my hair grow faster

My hair has grown about 15 centimeters in 10 months, for me it is a crazy good result. Most of the points are simple things you can do yourself and that cost nothing. I thought I would divide it into two blocks, things I did myself at home everyday and some things I got help with at the salon.

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Moon milk with lavender and chamomile

By now, everyone has probably heard of golden milk with turmeric, but today I want to write a little about Moon milk. You know the old trick of drinking a hot cup of milk if you can not sleep ..? That's not entirely wrong at all. It is an old Ayurvedic tradition. Boiled milk with various spices and honey is a well-proven method of relaxing,…

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Eucalyptus and its benefits

I was going to share a little tip in these strange times. A very simple one. It is about placing a small twig or a bouquet of eucalyptus twigs on your bedside table or near the bed. Eucalyptus has many great health benefits and one of them is how they affect our airways. Eucalyptus is commonly found in herbal remedies for coughs and colds. A plant is used as a medicine thanks to its…

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Breakfast in Bed

In collaboration with Oribe contains adlinks I started this day with a delivery of press news from Oribe and an event online. Very cozy to sit in bed and talk hair care with nice company. Nice to see some faces (even if it was online). I set the table a little cozy in bed and prepared for a nice start to the day with Oribe. The main topic was the scalp and it actually fit…

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Moisturize the skin before winter

in association with Bella skincare

Today came the winter with cold winds it feels like. Apply dry indoor air and you get an unbalanced skin that is a bit dry, gray and dull. At least my skin. This year, I therefore thought to work a little for prevention and prepare the skin properly for the winter. I try to moisture bomb the skin with Infuzion skinboost. Something that will simplify my daily skin care routine. By the way, I'm freshly cut. Shortened by a dm approximately. Felt to start over. Fresh to it. And today it is the turn of the face for a little boost.

Believe me I love skin care but am pretty picky with what is used. Partly because most things seem to get my skin out of balance instead of the other way around, but also because I am particularly fond of effective skin care. It can be done quickly in everyday life, otherwise there is a risk that it will not happen at all.

Bella at Bella Skincare is educated & professional.

I am therefore testing a treatment called Infuzion skin booster at Bella Skincare in Kungens kurva Shoppingcenter (Stockholm Elite Clinic) which literally infuses moisture in amounts down to the depths of the skin. The treatment is fairly new and it is hyaluronic acid that is channeled into the dermis with the help of electricity instead of needles that you had before. Therefore you have to hold a small sandwich (to conduct electricity)

The skin is also supplied with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Yes, you hear why I wanted to try this treatment.

When hyaluronic acid is carried deep into the skin with current, via the hair follicle and sweat gland, your fine lines and wrinkles are filled in and you get an even skin tone with immediately visible and beautiful glow. Before the treatment, I received a cleanser and an acid to make sure that the skin is completely clean before starting.

The infusion treatment adds a serum, Cytocare, which is filled to the brim with important amino acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which are rolled into the dermis *. Neither needle nor injection is needed!

This moisturizing skin treatment is simple, completely painless, affordable and gives an immediate rejuvenating result.
The infusion treatment / infusion is similar to a rejuvenation treatment with skin booster in terms of results, BUT this is completely without a single needle stick, which means that swelling, redness or bruising, which otherwise usually occurs during skin booster treatments, is avoided. After the treatment I got a soothing mask and everything should stay overnight and get well. It is important not to rinse your face in the evening. I therefore chose to do the treatment in the afternoon so I could only go home afterwards.

I have chosen to do this treatment at Bella Skincare which is part of Elite Clinic. It is so heavenly well located in Kungens Kurva. You know that pretty new mall right across from Ikea. Perfect because then I can park smoothly and take the opportunity to do a shopping round at the same time.

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A new little tattoo

Say hello to my new little tattoo .. a heart in the right place.

I'm ridiculously fond of small minimalist tattoos and now I've just done my third. On the left side. Small. Easy. What do you think?

The blouse is facing backwards and comes from COS. The Bermuda shorts in silk are from Studio Heijne.