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Slow home & garden

Tree edging using old bricks

I had a few broken, irregular shaped bricks left over since we made the greenhouse laying around and I was thinking about what I could do with them. A tree edging or tree ring felt like the the perfect project…

Slow home & garden

Moving out to the terrace

This weekend we finally moved outside and let the outdoor season begin. The terrace becomes the new livingroom and diningroom. Just like most people I love eating and drinking outside and I think it's a deep, almost primal desire we all share. As much as I love eating outdoor I also love cooking outside so I improvised a little outdoorkitchen. Nothing complicated or fancy, all the contrary. A small, simple…

Slow home & garden

Slow flowers matter

Let's talk about slow flowers for a moment and why they matter. I talk a lot about gardening lately but it's the season so I hope you do not mind. This year I'm planting and growing more flowers than ever before.

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My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece. - Claude Monet It was only last year that I started my journey as a gardener for real and if I confess I was not really sure if I was going to feel the same way towards gardening as last year. But as the weather continues to warm and the ground slowly thaws, I'm back out there again. Putting lots of seeds in the ground, planning…

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Sustainable renovation with microcement

In collaboration with Italian Art Mikrocement Our kitchen just got a facelift, a sustainable renovation with microcement. I'm beyond happy with the result. Minimal but warm. Modern but at the same time utterly timeless. Calm and simple.If I had to choose only one typy of material or product when it comes to renovating sustainably I would choose microcement without hesitation. It's stronger than regular cement-based mixtures and its also suitable…

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Embracing slow gardening

Since slow living is all about a mindset it naturally encompasses all areas of our lives and applies to everything from what we eat to how we decorate our homes. Like slow interiors, slow fashion and slow food, slow gardening is inspired by the slow food move that I grew up with, which began in the 1980s in Italy. Slow gardening is the only way I can and want to grow my garden. It consists…

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Slow interior, the timeless and conscious home

Slow living aesthetics are usually characterized by a neutral color scale and this is what it looks like at home. Of course, that does not have to be the case. Slow living is, after all, about an attitude and not a specific interior design style. Applying the slowliving concept to your interior, on the other hand, is an effective way to more easily create a more timeless and at the same time a more sustainable home. By finding out…

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Make bedside tables out of a stump. DIY

Some time ago we made new bedside tables from a stump. I only shared it on instagram but thought I wanted to share this on the blog as well. Similar bedside tables are available in slightly different interior design stores, but why not do it yourself instead? A few years ago we took down a large tree on our plot, most of it became firewood but then we had a huge stump left. …

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To grind and dress an old armchair

Sanding and dressing an old armchair This week's DYI and recycling project has been sanding and dressing an old armchair from the 50's. The armchair that was originally my great-grandmother, then my grandmother's and now it was mine. It needed some care and love. Above all, perhaps the armchair needed a makeover to fit in with us. Although I can think it had its retro charm with…