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Carl Eldh's Studio

As I longed for my art tours, to visit museums and exhibitions. This fall I will try to fill with two things, culture and nature. As a highly sensitive person, I have learned the importance of staying in beautiful environments. It gives me so much balance and positive energy. Nature and art are a bit the same, nature is a constantly changing work of art and during the autumn it has its Grand finale. When I was …

slow living
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Slow living, a lifestyle

This thing with slow living, felt like I wanted to write a few lines about it. Some people seem to think that slow living is about doing everything very slowly, but that is far from what slow living is all about. I grew up with it and for me it is the only way I can live. It's about doing things at the right pace rather than as fast as…

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Stay home

In collaboration with Lexington Like so many others, I mostly stay at home during these times, am out very sparingly and then mostly to take a walk in nature, buy food or do something that can not be done online. We are starting to get into new routines, home routines. I cook a lot more food and I have had time to fix lots of different interior design / renovation projects of different sizes. I…

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Breakfast in Bed

In collaboration with Oribe contains adlinks I started this day with a delivery of press news from Oribe and an event online. Very cozy to sit in bed and talk hair care with nice company. Nice to see some faces (even if it was online). I set the table a little cozy in bed and prepared for a nice start to the day with Oribe. The main topic was the scalp and it actually fit…

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Low buy february

What was my purchase during the month of February? A rather unexpected thing and actually maybe a little weird. I will return very soon to what it was I bought this month, but first I just have to share how it has felt like this two months into the challenge. The best thing I can think of to compare the feeling with reducing / stopping shopping is sugar. Yes, you know when you stop eating…

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The weekend and gluten-free banana bread

The weekend floated by in a wonderful mix of fixing at home, training, coffee in town and the gym. We emptied our basement, which we have started to renovate, a little more than a week ago, and now the demolition has been going on for about a week. I have taken the opportunity to go through everything we have stored in the basement and done a proper cleaning. Selling a lot on Blocket and trading. When cleaning so…