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So I restored my gut health

This with intestinal health is such a huge and wide area, which has made this post take longer than I had planned. I have namely wanted to write this post about how I restored my bowel on my own for a very long time. I will try to stay a little short but promise nothing.

This is how it is, I have always had an intestinal health in super good condition but I have probably not known about it or at least not appreciated it before. I could eat stone basically and nothing happened. When I went abroad, I never got a stomach ache, not even the time I drank water daily from a water tank whose lid had flown away and the water was dirty. I only discovered it when a caterpillar came through the crane. Disgusting I know, but it did not make me sick to my stomach. Pretty incredible. But everything changed when I took a longer course of antibiotics. It knocked everything out! All good intestinal bacteria and my good intestinal health disappeared in a few weeks. I could no longer eat the food I always ate, such as beans, lentils, mango was completely impossible. I got such a stomach ache and I went to bed if I ate a piece of mango. I did not understand anything. Something was wrong but I did not understand what it was until I realized that it was the antibiotic that destroyed my intestinal flora.

I tell all this because I always think it is important to try to figure out why things have gone wrong so you can more easily understand what it is you need to do to fix the problem. Functional medicine, not just try to relieve the symptoms but go to the bottom. Sometimes it is not known what causes imbalance in the intestinal flora, but common causes can be, for example:

  • Prolonged stress
  • Antibiotic treatment
  • Too much processed food
  • Too little sleep

Most often you feel that the intestinal flora is not in balance, but sometimes you are so up in life that you do not listen. Common signs of imbalance in the intestinal flora are for example:

  • All of a sudden you do not tolerate food that you have always eaten (you become gassy, ​​unlocked, get cramps, etc.)
  • You often get sick (70% of the immune system is in the gut)
  • Bad mood (the gut produces several of the hormones that regulate our mood, such as seratonin)
  • Poorer skin (poor intestinal health has been linked to acne and eczema)
  • Poorer sleep (a disturbance in the intestinal flora affects serotonin production which controls our sleep, among other things, there are also links between chronic fatigue and lack of variation in the intestinal flora)

So in my case where it was about an antibiotic cure that knocked everything out, it meant that I had to build everything from the beginning. Sometimes it is a little simplistic to say that you have to eat more fiber, but in my case it was impossible to eat fiber in the form of beans, lentils and chickpeas, etc. The only thing the stomach could handle was pasta, rice with butter and white bread .. so what do you do then? I started a plan, quite long term but thorough. My plan was to build and strengthen long-term and the following food / things I started to introduce.

  • Probiotics / prebiotics cure from the pharmacy. I was in urgent need of billions of good bacteria. Lactic acid bakeries are especially effective in antibiotic regimens.
  • Kombucha at least 1 / week
  • Fermented food 2-3 / week (sauerkraut, red cabbage, etc.)
  • Melatonin cure to sleep better and heal during the night
  • Slowly introduced more fiber again (eg after 3 months I ate 1 tablespoon of lentils and stepped up slowly) Start with water-soluble fiber from vegetables and fruits.
  • Long walks to reduce stress and get the gut going.

My stomach is now completely restored but I do not take it for granted anymore but I continue to think about the points above quite often. I do not want to end up where I was last, when my stomach is out of balance it feels like my whole life is out of balance. By the way, I can recommend Dr.Mat who has a lot of what I ate to recover.

New Year's cleanse

Every year before New Year, I start my New Year's cleanse; a way to start fresh and in the best possible way. My New Year's cleanse includes the home, the mind and the body. I clean because I like the symbolism of starting the new year clean and balanced. It is also a way to land and reflect on the time that has passed and what you might want to do differently in the coming year. A way to celebrate and pay attention to the new year on a more spiritual level and not just with glitter and firecrackers.

About 5 days before New Year, just after Christmas I usually start my cleanse and it looks something like this:

The food and the bodily cleanses run through all the days and I would first like to point out that it is not about a cleanse or detox to lose weight after any Christmas food without creating balance and well-being. Of course you should feel full and full of energy so there are no limits or to measure or count. The focus is on creating good intestinal health and allowing the body to recover. With that said, here are examples of:

food that I eat during my cleanse

  • I fast between 19: 00-11: 00 so the intestine can rest. During Lent, I drink black coffee, herbal tea, water
  • All kinds of fruits and vegetables that I and my body like. For example, I decorate with pomegranate and orange during Christmas so these are eaten now. Bir 2 oranges and a huge pomegranate a day.
  • I start with a green smoothie after my fast: almond milk, banana, spirulina, spinach, flaxseed
  • For lunch, there may be a raw food salad, vegetable mash, vegetable soup. Anything that is just vegetables really.
  • For dinner, it is usually some type of vegetable soup or stew. I like to eat hot food in the middle of winter because I think the body needs it. Soup is extra good because it is easily digested and the body's energy does not have to go to digestion but can focus on healing and the immune system instead. I do for example this soup on pears and fennel.
  • If I feel hungry between meals, I might warm a cup of oatmeal with cinnamon or turmeric in it or eat a boiled egg. As I wrote earlier, it's not about going hungry. If you are used to excluding the food below, this is easier, but if you usually eat a lot of gluten and sugar, it can be more challenging.

food that I opt out of during my cleanse

  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, etc.)
  • Sugar
  • Meat and fish
  • Wheat and all types of gluten (eg pasta, bread, etc.)
  • Rice, barley, etc. (I usually include some oats)
  • All types of prefabricated food

favorite ingredients during my cleanse

I prefer ingredients that are extra good for intestinal health. Ingredients that actively work to strengthen the body's immune system and reduce inflammation in the body and intestines.

  • Spinach (can be frozen leaf spinach, good in soup, smoothie and stew)
  • Paprika
  • Garlic (onions and garlic are great for infections
  • Onion
  • Celery (good in soup and several hot dishes)
  • Eggplant
  • zucchini
  • Kale / savoy cabbage (good to shred and fry lightly, for example)
  • Fennel (eg for soup or to eat with vinaigrette)
  • Beetroot (likes to eat it hot with black pepper, salt and a little oil)
  • banana
  • Pomegranate
  • Orange
  • Ananas
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Turmeric
  • Parsley
  • fresh coriander
  • Mint

Well-being rituals during my cleanse

I see a New Year's cleanse as a gift to myself, something I treat myself to that I know I feel good about and give myself peace of mind and body. I take the time to listen inwardly and I think these things help with that.

  • Take long walks in nature
  • Active meditation, ie meditating while I walk, shower or bathe
  • Yoga
  • Warm herbal baths, preferably with epsom salt

Home cleanse

As I mentioned above, the home also gets a cleanse these days. I try to clean the whole home, wash all the clothes and go out with all the garbage, etc. I also light extra incense for a spiritual cleansing. My favorites are white sage, lavender and palo santo. I also make sure to pay all the bills, clear emails and desks. With this I create a feeling of being finished and it gives peace of mind so I can focus again. Close doors and open new ones.

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Creamy fennel and pear soup

I often make a creamy soup of fennel and pear during my cleanse or when I need a little more balance in my intestinal flora in general. This soup is surprisingly good, I do not know if it is the creamy texture or the flavor combination but it tastes like luxurious. Fennel is great when it comes to digestion and it is also anti-inflammatory. Like pears, together they make this soup a really good soup to make during a cleanse, detox or when you want to be extra kind to an upset stomach.

INGREDIENTS for Pears and fennel soup
1 large fennel or 2 small
1 tablespoon coconut oil or rapeseed oil
1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
500ml organic vegetable broth
1 pear, peeled and finely chopped

1. Chop fennel, onion, garlic and pear. save a small portion of the fennel for decoration. Use the whole fennel, stem and foliage.
Start by heating the oil and sautéing the onion. Let it be light so that the soup does not get dark in color. Roasted onions are not healthy either.
3. Add fennel, pear and broth and simmer for 40 minutes.
4. Mix the soup with a hand mixer so it becomes creamy and smooth.
5. Add more broth or water if you want it thinner in consistency. If you want to make it even more nutritious, you can add a spoonful of quinoa or oatmeal.

Let's talk about menstruation

In collaboration with

Let's talk about menstrual panties, a fantastic environmental alternative to disposable protection. The feeling when you start with period panties is: why did I not start earlier? It's so smooth. Other benefits of Comfydence period panties that I like is that they are made with organic cotton on the part that's closest to the body and all materials in the panty allow the skin to breathe. This means that the air circulates and inhibits bacterial growth.
Another huge advantage is the environmental aspect; Let's say that 150 women started using menstrual pads or, for example, menstrual cups instead of disposable protection. with 000 million. If the panty is used once more during the menstrual cycle, the effect will be twice as great, depending on how many days you have menstruation. I have menstruation about 3 days a month so I have three menstrual panties. A very simple way to reduce my waste and my ecological footprint.

Using menstrual pads is no different than disposable protection when it comes to comfort and safety. If anything, it is more convenient because you avoid plastic that does not breathe and you avoid leakage. There are different models depending on what you need, super absorbent at night that also works for incontinence after birth, for example or a smaller one in a string model that is also fantastic for training because it absorbs sweat so there are no sweat marks in the crotch. Love map! Exercise panties, menstrual panties .. you choose. Maybe both at the same time.

The panties come with a small black bag that is leak-proof, put the used panties in the bag before it ends up in the laundry basket and wash them all at the same time when the period is over. At least I do, and I think it works great. They are really flexible and easy to wash in the washing machine.

Think what a difference we could make if we were many who opted out of disposable protection! And think how nice it is to never have to run out of sanitary napkins at home ..

My menstrual panties come from Swedish Comfydence which was started and run by Linda and Anna. They put a lot of work into improving for girls and women around the world, so by buying your period panties via Comfydence, you also make a big difference globally for many others. You can read more about their commitment and work here

Comfydence panties also do not have antibacterial treatment unlike many other brands, as these are questionable from an environmental, benefit and health perspective. Such a treatment involves adding biocides in the form of, for example, silver in order to counteract bacterial growth.
Studies show that such treatment can be allergenic and does not last over time but is flushed out with the washing water with very negative environmental consequences. There are no scientifically proven health reasons for antibacterial treatment.
With code 'LINAP', you get free shipping throughout the EU until 28/2 2022 if you would like to try it on. The try-out guarantee is always valid for 60 days on the first pair.

Fire cider, a wonderful health threat

Have you heard of Fire cider? A wonderful health threat with lots of tears in. Originally the recipe comes from the UK and there are as many varieties as there are families. But the basic idea is to mix ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial with apple cider vinegar, then let it soak for 3-6 weeks before straining and mixing with honey.

This way in the autumn, when it starts to get colder and the time for colds comes, you take a health threat to help the body a little on the run. Either for preventive purposes or to recover faster and reduce symptoms.

Fire cider is a really old and popular tradition and I like it a lot. As I wrote earlier, there are several variants, but most are very similar to the recipe I was going to share today. I have filled a jar of 1L and I used the following ingredients. Chop quite coarsely. It should still be filtered out so it is not so careful.

  • about 0,5 l apple cider vinegar
  • 1 piece Fresh horseradish
  • about 1 musk black pepper
  • Ginger
  • 1 chili
  • 1 organic lemon
  • Thyme
  • 1 clove of garlic (ie several slices)
  • Fresh turmeric
  • cinnamon sticks

Four French pharmacy favorites

There are some skin care products that I always return to, which restore balance and soothe my skin. The pharmacy favorites that I can always trust. For some reason, they are French pharmacy products. I'm not much for experimenting with different skin care products and I'm not particularly impressed because it's a particular brand. I go for what works and if it works then why change?

-I tried La Roche Posay several years ago after I tried through lots of different face creams that did not work for me. Until I started using the La Roche Posay Effaclar series. Then something happened. My skin became calm and harmonious, could breathe again. Many other products are too strong and dry out the skin, which means that I overproduce sebum in a kind of self-defense or they were too oily and clogged the pores instead. The Effaclar series also allows me to use other things on my skin that I otherwise would not have been able to tolerate. I mainly use Effaclar Duo especially the period around pms when the hormones are rushing. Calm, safe and reliable restores that balance almost immediately. It's my numero uno. Always have a tube at home.

The number two favorite, especially in winter when the skin is extra dry and I work more with different acids and active serums is Effaclar H. It moisturizes deeply and soothes irritated skin. Also perfect in the summer if you should have burned yourself. I use it even if I have done a laser treatment or stronger peeling. It feels incredibly nourishing and comfortable without triggering sebum production.

Here you will find my favorites from La Roche Posay (adlink)

Another slightly newer skin care brand (in Sweden) but which has existed since 1920 is the organic skin care brand Patyka Paris . Patyka is results-oriented, luxurious skin care that is also based on botanical ingredients and so-called green chemistry. You will find Patyka, among other places and I like to use their overnight face mask which gives tired skin a lift overnight. You wake up with a fantastic luster. This night mask gives the skin a wonderful treatment during the night and helps to improve the skin's natural collagen production. Patykan Pro-Collagen Lift Mask is an intensive treatment for aging, worn and sagging skin. K. Patykan Pro-Collagen Lift Mask contains a plant extract that acts as retinol which prevents the breakdown and collagen and increases its natural production which gives the skin new life again. In addition, it is enriched with the antioxidant vitamin C which protects, reduces pigmentation and gives the skin radiance. Hyaluronic acid helps to bind moisture and reduces lines that have appeared on dry skin. The product gives a softer and firmer result immediately.

Links to Patyka

So I made my hair grow faster

My hair has grown about 15 centimeters in 10 months, for me it is a crazy good result. My hair used to get split ends the day after I was at the hairdresser in principle .. jokes aside but you get the point .. My hair always stopped growing when it came just over the shoulder or fell off .. anyway it was no longer than the shoulders . But now something has happened, my hair is healthier and fuller and it has grown a full 15 cm without falling off or getting so worn out. To get this change, I have done a lot of things that I thought I would share today. Most of the points are simple things you can do yourself and that cost nothing. I thought I would divide it into two blocks, things I did myself at home everyday and some things I got help with at the salon.

First a little hair story, my hair got worse in connection with my pregnancies just like for many others. Since then, I have eaten very little protein for many years as I have eaten a diet that has varied between raw food / vegan / vegetarian. The hair simply did not get enough nourishment. To compensate for the thinner hair, I inserted extensions and then I used clip in extensions with. Both variants tore even more on the hair. It does not matter what they say, extensions wear out. Point. In a bit of a semi-desperate attempt to spruce up my tired hair, I started toning and coloring my hair more, often at home with two children and two companies, there was not much time left for hairdresser visits.

But then at the turn of the year I decided that now is enough! Surgery to save hair and get it healthy again began in earnest. I promised myself to start taking care of my hair as if it were my dearest possession. I cut it off at the jawbone and started over from the beginning. This is what I did:

Things I do myself at home

  • Stop coloring your hair yourself
  • Stopped using chemicals in the hair, carefully checking the contents of shampoo etc.
  • Finished with synthetic dry shampoo, it clogs the scalp and thus reduces hair growth.
  • Brush your hair every night with a focus on the scalp to increase circulation.
  • Massage with your fingertips to increase blood flow. As blood flow increases, hair grows better.
  • 1 / week I do a scalp scrub so that the scalp does not become clogged (dead skin cells etc.) while I have in a hair wrap for the lengths.
  • I eat Biotin 1000 mg, Yeast tablets, Vitamin C and Iron. Every day.
  • I eat eggs and avocados as often as I can. Full of vitamins that your hair likes.
  • Drink water more than I usually do.
  • I have in a hair oil in the tops every day, a few drops are enough. I use Saphira Mineral treatment oil.
  • Dry and curl your hair sparingly.
  • Sleep with your hair in a high loose tuft, use a velvet scrunchie for example to reduce wear and friction.
  • Use a hair clip instead of a hard tuft for everyday use so that the hair does not fall out.
  • Sleeping on silk pillowcases is good for both sleeping wrinkles and hair wear.
  • Sleeps with coconut oil in the hair 1 / week. Do it the night before I know I will still wash my hair the next day.

Among other things, I have used the products below.


At the salon

Since May, I only go to the same hairdresser, Sofia on Nown. She helps me do intensive care regimens on my hair and creates a shine that is absolutely amazing. Going to her has been a fantastic compliment to everything I have done myself at home. I give her like a better starting position. Then it's so fun to hear from a professional that my hair has gotten so much better. Gets so peppered to forget then. We have done the following with my hair.

  • A thunder cure with all steps in olaplex
  • Colors only with gentle products from Kevin Murphy that do not wear on the hair.
  • Cuts minimally on the tops and focuses on outgrowth.

Here is a picture of my hair taken just before Sofia took over, you can see how much it has grown, think I had it at the jawbone a little over a year ago. In the second picture, Sofia has used Kevin Murphy's color, cut about 2 cm and curls a bit, so then the hair goes up a bit.


In collaboration with Totalhälsa

During the last month, I have tried a treatment called Omorphia. I have done the treatment on my legs and the reason I have done this treatment is that I have poor blood circulation but mainly due to helping the lymphatic system. The forgotten lymphatic system that is connected to so much in our bodies. It is often wrong to say that you have poor blood circulation, even though you actually have poor lymph circulation. The thing is that I easily accumulate fluid so I have learned to eat a little salt for example. I have also learned that my body feels good from different types of massage to help the body on the stack and I think there are many just like me out there.

Why not just do regular massage then?

Regular massage is great with it and I think it is underestimated far too much. During my years abroad in Venezuela and Spain, among other places, I got used to getting massages that "sculpt" the body. Not as common here in Sweden. Here it is diet and exercise that apply, which is the basis for a healthy and strong body, but the massage is the icing on the cake .. What makes that little difference, breaks the plateau, etc. In addition to the fact that it is good for circulation of both blood and lymphatic system, you also get as a bonus better skin structure, less cellulite and often a little more "tight / slim" body. I do not want to talk about narrow-mindedness because it is not interesting in this context for me and I do not want to provoke any agitation in any way. My cellulite is of the type that hurts if I let them ravage freely so I have to stick to them and then Omorphia is very effective.

What is Omorphia?

Omorphia is a treatment that really gives amazing results. I have done 4 treatments in 1 month on my thighs. and you use a well-developed cavitation technique where the fat cells are exploded so that you can then burn the fat with easier exercise. The finishing treatment consists of radio frequency, mechanical massage, infrared light and vacuum. These techniques increase circulation, reduce fat cells, reduce edema and tighten the skin.

This is a treatment that feels and I like it. The skin gets warm, it kneads properly and I also got some bruises because we drove at max. I usually get some bruises when I go for a regular massage with so maybe I who am a little sensitive. The legs feel so light afterwards and much less swollen. At least one pants size in change. Certainly a mix of liquid, slag products and grease. In connection with the treatments, I urinated extra hard and the best thing was that I found it much easier to run. That heavy feeling in my legs is gone.

I have combined my treatments with a little extra exercise, eating healthy and drinking water. Partly for the best possible result but also and perhaps above all because it became pleasurable again. You know when you really want to run and it feels nice and not heavy. Also love how the skin structure has improved and the cellulite has decreased.

There are not many who perform these treatments and I have done my treatments with Total health in Stockholm. The post is in collaboration with Totalhälsa but all text and thoughts are my own. I did my omorphia treatment with Suela, a very warm and nice person that I can really recommend.


In collaboration with Oribe contains adlinks

I started this day with a delivery of press news from Oribe and an online event. Very cozy to sit in bed and talk hair care with nice company. Nice to see some faces (even if it was online).

I set the table a little cozy in bed and prepared for a nice start to the day with Oribe. The main substance was the scalp and it actually fit very well. I have sensitive scalp and have to choose very carefully what I use in my hair and my scalp. The first time I try Oribe, for those of you who are wondering, it is a brand that has won awards and you can probably say that it is a bit of a more luxurious brand in the upper price range. The products are SLS, salt and paraben free and also vegan and gluten free. You can find them at Lyko

The focus today was on the scalp and mine has been in incredible imbalance lately so I tested the scrub for the scalp at once. It helps to stimulate the hair and also to remove dead skin cells and product residues from the hair. It smells a bit like toothpaste and was very pleasant. Not torn or strong. The small cows in the scrub dissolve with the water so nothing goes out into our seas. Good.

The scent in these two products is peppermint oil, hence the toothpaste scent. It feels cooling and fresh. My upset scalp really liked this one. After the shower, I took the spray on the scalp which gave perfect volume without being like a sticky spray but the hair just feels clean.

The spray should in three months help the hair to become thicker, so it is not a product that should only give volume for the moment, but according to tests, it should help the hair to grow back again. Ideal if you have lost hair in connection with pregnancy, age or any medical treatment. I will use this on my thin hair and will return with more results in three months.

This post is written in collaboration with Oribe but all the views and text are my personal reflections. You will find Oribe at selected hair salons and Lyko

A big thank you to PrettoP Rfor the incredibly well-arranged press event and thank you By The Bakery for the good vegan breakfast.


in association with Bella skincare

Today came the winter with cold winds it feels like. Apply dry indoor air and you get an unbalanced skin that is a bit dry, gray and dull. At least my skin. This year, I therefore thought to work a little for prevention and prepare the skin properly for the winter. I try to moisture bomb the skin with Infuzion skinboost. Something that will simplify my daily skin care routine. By the way, I'm freshly cut. Shortened by a dm approximately. Felt to start over. Fresh to it. And today it is the turn of the face for a little boost.

Believe me I love skin care but am pretty picky with what is used. Partly because most things seem to get my skin out of balance instead of the other way around, but also because I am particularly fond of effective skin care. It can be done quickly in everyday life, otherwise there is a risk that it will not happen at all.

Bella at Bella Skincare is educated & professional.

I am therefore testing a treatment called Infuzion skin booster at Bella Skincare in Kungens kurva Shoppingcenter (Stockholm Elite Clinic) which literally infuses moisture in amounts down to the depths of the skin. The treatment is fairly new and it is hyaluronic acid that is channeled into the dermis with the help of electricity instead of needles that you had before. Therefore you have to hold a small sandwich (to conduct electricity)

The skin is also supplied with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Yes, you hear why I wanted to try this treatment.

When hyaluronic acid is carried deep into the skin with current, via the hair follicle and sweat gland, your fine lines and wrinkles are filled in and you get an even skin tone with immediately visible and beautiful glow. Before the treatment, I received a cleanser and an acid to make sure that the skin is completely clean before starting.

The infusion treatment adds a serum, Cytocare, which is filled to the brim with important amino acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which are rolled into the dermis *. Neither needle nor injection is needed!

This moisturizing skin treatment is simple, completely painless, affordable and gives an immediate rejuvenating result.
The infusion treatment / infusion is similar to a rejuvenation treatment with skin booster in terms of results, BUT this is completely without a single needle stick, which means that swelling, redness or bruising, which otherwise usually occurs during skin booster treatments, is avoided. After the treatment I got a soothing mask and everything should stay overnight and get well. It is important not to rinse your face in the evening. I therefore chose to do the treatment in the afternoon so I could only go home afterwards.

I have chosen to do this treatment at Bella Skincare which is part of Elite Clinic. It is so heavenly well located in Kungens Kurva. You know that pretty new mall right across from Ikea. Perfect because then I can park smoothly and take the opportunity to do a shopping round at the same time.