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White sunny summer dresses

Sunny and white summer dresses are a recurring and dear sign that summer is approaching. White dresses that symbolize the end of summer, weddings, baptisms, students and other wonderful and summery occasions. Many of my white dresses are used extensively even if it is not summer, but it is a little extra comfortable to wear when the heat comes.

I have used the long-sleeved white dress all year round with boots and thick knitted dresses. Now I wear the same dresses with sandals or flip-flops and maybe even have a bikini underneath.

HM // Second hand // Residus // Ajlajk

Here I have selected some favorites that are in store right now. White dresses that work just as well for parties as for vaarags. Easy to dress up or down.

Striped sweater, here are my favorites for this spring

A timeless classic that I pick out every spring is the striped sweater. This year, it may feel a little more relevant than previous years. The striped sweater is always a safe and classic card, but this year there are perhaps a few extra nice models in a little thicker knitted variants. I'm not waiting until this spring, I'm already started using a favorite in my closet. My knitted sweater is in 100% cotton and maybe actually a little better for the summer, so I have looked at some other variants that contain wool and that warm a little better. As I said, I do not want to wait until it gets warmer to use a striped sweater.

I like most the classic Breton models in white and dark blue, almost black. Cream white also goes great. I like those with a dark bottom as much as those with a light bottom, both nice. Now that it's still cold outside, I wear the striped sweater together with jeans and a coat, a trench with wool lining can work and then a scarf for it. Preferably striped on striped.

The sweaters above are from Toteme and Khaite, I like that they are a little further in the sleeves and loose fit.

Fast fashion and sustainability, is it possible?

Can you combine sustainability and fast fashion? Does it even go together? Spontaneously, I and most of me would probably say no. We consume too much clothing and too fast. The materials and how these goods are produced are a great burden on the environment. But if we slow down a bit and rethink for a while .. When larger companies launch a more sustainable line, a company known for its fast fashion philosophy. When they start using more sustainably produced materials in several of their garments and many also choose to compensate the environment for all shipping. By sustainable material in this case, I mean that they use recycled material instead of new, organically grown cotton and tencel, among other things.

Is the durable sphere too harsh?

Many times I and many with me have experienced that the sustainable sphere can be very tough. Many pointing fingers and nasty comments that things and behaviors are not sustainable enough. It must be perfect and organic all the way in everything you do because otherwise it will not work. I have long been in several different eco groups on Facebook, among other things, and seen how mean and demeaning people can be towards others that they do not consider to be organic enough. It's so sad and so sad. The other day I talked about this with an acquaintance who snorted a bit about it and said something along the lines of "how can they be sustainable who only do fast fashion" and I understand her, I think it is a very common attitude. But I think a little differently. I think more like that if several people do something small for the environment, it gives a much greater effect on the environment itself than if a few do everything completely ecologically and perfectly. If we instead encourage when companies (and people for that matter) make a change for the better even if they are small instead of criticizing them, I think we will go further.

Especially when it comes to large companies, if ikea, for example, replaces ordinary cotton with organic cotton in all its bedding, it gives a gigantic effect because they are so large. I think so. It is difficult to change other people's buying behavior and in a dream world fast fashion may not exist at all, but now it is here and if you can change what materials people buy by producing in a more sustainable material, it is a step in the right direction. It's not perfect but it's better. Small steps and encouragement for a better choice, also called nudging. I believe more in that and that the effect can be more positive on the whole.

Four Friday favorites, black jeans

So here on black friday, I thought it might fit well with the theme of black jeans, more specifically four friday favorites when it comes to black jeans. A staple in the closet and a good foundation to stand on.

But finding those perfect black jeans, or jeans at all, can be a real challenge. Right now I feel so incredibly happy with the black jeans I have in my wardrobe that I felt I wanted to share them with you. When it comes to jeans, the biggest challenges for me are finding jeans that are not too long and that fit well at the waist and around the hips. I'm not tall and I have a fairly small waist at the same time as I have a wider hip .. A fairly common figure if I guess right. So if you're a little like me then maybe this can help you in your search for the perfect black jeans. Prices from SEK 399

I have chosen the following four jeans models that I think create a complete jeans base in the wardrobe, I have more but which I do not use at all as often as these.

  • First out; A pair of mom jeans, a little vintage feeling that are the ones I am wearing in the picture below. These jeans are the lightest of the four I chose. The length is perfect for my 1,64 cm. Straight legs, a little loose fit and a high waist. The model is called Betty and exists here for SEK 399 (SEK 299 today due to black friday) Uses these jeans all the time. I am often asked where they come from and I think they look like they are really, really expensive so this will be tip no.
  • No. 2 is a pair of jeans with a slim fit and normal waist, a bit stretchy and fits everything from ballerina to winter boots. I know that it is very wide jeans that are visible now, but in the winter I think it's nice to be able to wear the jeans in boots and boots and also it is a classic at this point. All photos above are with jeans number two, from Toteme, Slim waist.
  • No. 3, are made especially for me, Custom fit Denim, yes these are tailored to my measurements and wishes and they do not cost more than many other jeans out there. I myself have chosen how long and wide I wanted them at the bottom and high waist. These are the jeans that of course fit best in my waist. They are made of surplus material and sewn near Sweden. My heart beats a little extra for all this and the feeling when you put on a pair of jeans that are sewn to your own measurements is indescribable. Available to tailor-made (online) at Studio Heijne
  • No. 4, Among my four favorites, this latest model also belongs. A classic at this point. Extra high waist, and straight legs .. I'm talking about ribcage from Levis.

Four Friday favorites, winter hats

I was going to start a new habit like this at the end of the year, I call it "Four Friday favorites". I will pick out four favorites of something on Fridays and it can be favorites in any topic. Why limit yourself when you have so much to choose from ..? First out is something that I thought could fit now when the first snow came, even though it was very little, I found myself being so happy with my new hat that was in the bag when it snowed sideways in the evening when I would home from the office.

The first topic is four favorite hats that I have selected for this winter. I do not know how it is for you but I can find it a little difficult with hats, to find ones that are warm but do not stick. Who sit where they should but who do not sit too hard. Hats that do not make me look like a five-year-old but also not 85 .. on top of that, they should also preferably be nicely produced and preferably timeless in the model so I can use them a few winters in the future. This is what I have chosen and what has already started to adorn my head this winter.

Cap No. 1

A black beanie from Finnish KN Kati Niemi. I spontaneously think that in Finland there is a long tradition of hats and caps and this black hat was the one that saved me this evening. It also meets all my requirements that I mentioned above. I also like that the edge of the hat is not sewn so you can adjust how you want to fold the hat. It may sound like something obvious, but in fact, there are surprisingly many hats that have the edge sewn on. It contains 35% wool and the rest mixed material. It is very soft, thick and feels both timeless and unisex. You will find the hat for example here (Also in the picture; Knitted sweater Lindex // Scarf old, Dress Toteme //

Cap No. 2

Hat no. 2 will be the beret, it goes out every year and even though I have bought a few different colors over the years, it is my first beret I use the most. The black. 100 wool and I have lost count for how many years I have had it but I see it as a good sign. A beret fits many different styles and a big advantage is that the hair does not become so flattened. I would also like to suggest that you might go up a size when buying berets so you do not get one that sits too tight with a mark on the forehead as a result… For the same reason, I always choose berets without leather edge or the like. Similar berets are available here in boiled wool and absolutely incomparably fine.

Cap No. 3

I'm actually still waiting for hat number three, everyone knows that if you wait for something good, you never wait too long. a hat in recycled Swedish Gotland wool from Svenska Residus. So we have to settle for pictures from their website for now. Ever since I saw on their website that they had started a project to use our Swedish wool, I knew I wanted the hat. I myself have had a project where I tried to take advantage of this treasure a couple of years ago when I made wool balls for the dryer. I think it's so awful with all this fine wool that we have on our Swedish farms to be burned just to then import new from other countries. I am aware that parts of the problem consist of the fact that we do not have agencies left that clean, sort and spin the wool, but a few things are slowly starting to happen. Residus is one of several Swedish companies that have started using Swedish wool. Contains 60% Gotland wool, 40% Falkland merino wool.

Cap No. 4

Hat no. 4 is like a soft warm hug, feels a little more luxurious because it is in cashmere. A hat in beige that feels good when you yourself have become really pale in winter. It will not be as hard as with black then. So I think it's a good complement to the neutral color scheme. Click on the image and you will come to it (adlink)

These are four hats I myself choose to use this winter, but if they were not enough, I will link to several that I like below. (contains adlinks)

About knitted panties and the books on my bedside table right now ..

During hard times, you need soft things, such as softly knitted panties that keep you warm during a raw weekend in November. This past weekend the focus was on resting, reading, staying at home, cooking and baking. The knitted garments go on repeat as well as the coffee machine and the Spotify list with Flora Martinez.

The panties in 25% recycled material are surprisingly soft. You will find them here

On my bedside table right now I have a mixed mix of books a bit depending on the mood. I have poetry books from Flux and Honey & Milk, sometimes I can only read a few lines and then these books are perfect. They add a lot in just a few lines. Poetry is far too underestimated today. I'm reading Kepler series also, awfully good. I flip through travel books and dream a little until we can start traveling again.

These Cityguides from Cereal are so lovely to browse and maybe I'm planning a little for the future, adding some tabs and bookmarks for the future. The nice Toiletry Bag from Nuori (Travel case) in vegan leather may also have made the thoughts of travel triggered a bit. But for now, it can accompany a staycation ..

A coat, a blanket and the cuddliest slippers made the winter so much easier to look forward to.

I do not really know where time went. -I was completely engrossed in autumn and walked in a kind of autumn leaf shimmer through everyday life, but yesterday I felt winter in the air and maybe that I woke up a little from my autumn fog. I try to change, not so easy all the time. It takes a while for me to switch to winter and a new season. Winter is not a favorite, but since I am here and not there, it is important to make the best of it. After all, there are a lot of wonderful things about winter.

I took out our thickest wool blanket yesterday and think what a big difference such a simple thing makes. Warm and cuddly sets that tone for the winter season. Now we live in for real. Partly due to the pandemic but also for the cold and the darkness.

It's wool upon wool in layers upon layers that apply from now on, frozen as I am. This applies both at home and when it comes to clothes. The blanket in the picture is from Gröna Gredelina's old collection, Twisted candle // Pillow wool Carpet wool

I have long been looking for the perfect winter slippers because I have quite high demands when it comes to my frozen toes. They must contain wool and have a proper sole. If you live in a villa like I do, you know how important it is to have a solid sole, because honestly you use the slippers as much in the garden as inside. You pick up the morning paper and pick up laundry .. Then it does not work with a small thin sole. In these slippers I have found the perfect pair for me. Made of 75% wool, 25% acrylic and 100% cuddly.
Upholstered in, Teddy Faux Fur and an outsole of recycled cork and rubber. They come in a school box of recycled paper, no glue or dyes, water-based inks. Simply the perfect slippers and you will find them here (adlink)

A coat in recycled wool and in a timeless model and pattern has also found its way home to me, I tie it tightly and fold up the collar when the north wind comes. Creates another layer of wool.

I go to empty cafes to buy something hot and all of a sudden the winter does not feel so crazy anyway.

Wish list November

November came with a small wish list. Since we are back to stricter restrictions, staying at home and avoiding people in general, at least I feel that I am settling in. I want to live in comfortable tights, preferably these with heels so there are no cold gaps and they sit where they should. The cashmere sweaters are advancing and they can be one or two sizes too large. Maybe I'll tie the man's or hit on this lovely with perfect polograge that does not take a stranglehold on the neck. Love loose polo collars that you can fit with a small scarf underneath or maybe just hide your hair in. Still no point in fixing your hair when you are mostly at home ..

This time of year, I put extra focus on skin care. Starting to use my acids and serums, take care when there is a little sun outside. I massage my face every day and use face mask and hair mask look like tight.

This is what my November wish list looks like,


I also try to get a daily walk during the day, today it was extra lovely, it is important to take care when the sun is looking ahead. Sun in November should not be taken for granted. After all, I have nothing against the gray November weather. Can think it's a little cozy. I drink large amounts of tea, read books and take on some interior design projects here at home.

So I hid the TV cords easily

This with hiding the TV and all the wires, choosing TV furniture and making it blend into the rest of the room .. last Sunday I made a small change at home. Specifically in the living room and TV. Previously, I had no TV furniture, but I simply had only two stacks of magazines that hid contact and cables, and so Apple TV and Angelo's switch lived on one stack of newspapers. Easy. But last Sunday I moved down a desk from upstairs that "was left over" when I changed desks in the bedroom ..

The measurements were right so I thought it was worth trying, because I do not like TV furniture or TV benches .. or really I do not like some furniture that is made for a specific purpose. Has extremely difficult for tv furniture and bathroom furniture. Almost so I get strong allergic reactions .. I know, full-blown but I prefer real furniture in the bathroom. An antique chest of drawers turned into a sink or a bookshelf / display cabinet .. yes it works great. People seem to be so blind. That it must be bought in the bathroom department as some kind of golden rule .. instead of thinking about material and shape. Most often, bathroom furniture is not in the best material and of course you can have wood in a bathroom.
We can continue the topic of bathrooms another day because today it was, as I said, TV storage and this is how it was with the small desk under the TV.

Two urns strategically placed underneath to hide the electrical outlet and some books on top. I put two hooks on the back of the table and two strings around one table leg inside the corner. Poff, cords gone .. It works for now .. should feel me a little but think it will be good. I have also tried to have the TV among other paintings as a picture wall but got a little tired of it. Wish you could "paint" the TV in the wall. If I had lived alone, there is a pretty good chance that I would not have had a TV at all ..

Felt quite happy with Sunday's effort anyway .. I also found an old folding table this weekend that I plan to take with me to Spain next time we go there .. (when it will be) will show you soon. Must have it somewhere before we go down with it .. so that was also one of the reasons why I needed to move around some furniture ..

Also tips about this lounge set that I lived in during the weekend when I donated and had .., supstretchy, high waist and nice loose fit. I am such a person who changes as soon as I get inside the door, but you do not want to put on pajamas at five o'clock or wear pajamas during the weekend when you are home. At the same time, I want to be able to fix and do my things at home without feeling that there might be some stain when I cook, etc. This set meets all the requirements and I feel dressed if it should ring on the door. The set is from Ajlajk and you will find it here

Slow living in the city

It is possible? to live a slightly slower life with more presence when living in the city or near a big city? Can you do that? For me, the answer is an obvious yes. Sometimes I think it's a bit of a shame that people with preconceived notions think that slow living is equal to a cottage in the country or similar. It goes just as well in a big city. In the end, slow living is not about living slowly, but at a pace and a rhythm that suits you for the moment. Because even that can vary during different periods in life.

I have a penchant for seeing life through a camera lens, like an old movie with the notes of a Chet Baker song in the background. I'm fully aware that I romanticize most things and I honestly think we should romanticize our lives more. The simple things. The road you take to work in the morning and feel what luck that you actually have a job to go to. How the leaves swirl down the street. The florist who presents beautiful bundles of flowers and the cafe owner who wipes the tables.

I love city life just as much as I love country life. I think it's about how I choose to look at things in my environment. For me, city life is the same as charming old bookstores, cafes with wobbly tables, art exhibitions, museums, beautiful parks, beautiful people you can think about where they are going and how they are .. I see all this and I enjoy it something immense.

Sure it's a romanticized image of it, I'm fully aware of it but why not stop and choose to see the beautiful, bathe the soul in poetry created by the mind through everything you see?

Sip a drink in an elegant bar, unwind for a while, breathe. Buy bread and flowers on the way home. come on a Friday night, light a candle and put on cozy favorite music, cook together. Be present. Dip bread in the sauce and enjoy at the saucepan. Easy. Magically. Lovely.

Happy Friday my friends, Lina