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We built a greenhouse of old windows and old bricks

We built a greenhouse / orangery of old windows and old bricks. We built a dream. A Mediterranean greenhouse. A Mediterranean dream. Think we did this !? That we created this little gem for a greenhouse. In addition, on basically only recycled materials, old leaded windows, old doors and old bricks ..

So many questions that came in regarding the greenhouse so I thought I would write here how we did and how I thought when we would uggs our greenhouse.

The first step was to collect pictures of greenhouses that I liked, what feeling was I looking for and how could we adapt it to the structure we already had ..? We had a roof on a patio. Eddie built the roof because he had his pool table there ... yes a pool table. One of those compromises you make as a married person .. anyway the pool table had done its thing and it was time for me to use this corner of the garden now .. it was time for something new. Something new that was old. Something that looks like it has stood there for a hundred years and has been handled with care. It was time for my orangery.
We made a small first sketch. A sketch so that Eddie would understand what I was looking for. Then we compared with my inspirational pictures.

We needed old windows and old bricks. The important thing was to find old windows and old brick partly for the right feeling with patina but also purely economically and of course for the sustainable aspect. The hunt began and I checked Blocket and Facebook Market every day. Pretty quickly I found an ad where someone gave away old bricks from a tiled stove so we went out to get them. It was snowing and it was zero degrees. The bricks were in a mud puddle holes about noise and we loaded as many as we could on the truck. Muddy, wet but happy we went home with our treasure again.
The next day the sun shone and we started scraping away all the old mortar from the bricks. They were so beautiful. Absolutely perfect. These would be a fantastic foundation for the greenhouse. We built them around our existing frame. The idea was to make it look like the windows are on top of the bricks, but they really do not. It's a beautiful illusion but it works, the feeling was right.

We also found an ad for lots of old windows so we did not have to hunt in lots of different places. Nice. Then we had collected some from before and I have saved the doors and had them indoors for probably 2 years now. Did not really know what to do with them but they were so beautiful that I saved them. They come from a gate inside the city. Over 100 years old and was going to be replaced so I took care of them. There are three small glasses missing but it is on the list to fix ..

All windows were painted white for a uniform feeling and to make it last for many years to come. Surely it still looks like it's always been here? So worth all the hours of work. What took the most time was all the measuring and puzzling to get the windows to fit into our existing structure.

It is still not completely clear, shelves will be up inside, paving stones will be laid on the floor and we will fold in some window glass in the ceiling for extra light. We also have to seal some gaps before winter comes, but right now it's just nice that air is coming in. We take it step by step. Must stay and enjoy too. The light in here when the sun goes down is absolutely wonderful. How it breaks in the old windows in a way that new glass does not. Magical and absolutely wonderful. Imagine every night here with a glass of rosé and the garden flaunting outside. As I long !!

Today I will plant 150 sunflower seeds in different varieties. Everything from extra high, to low, burgundy and even white italian white sunflowers. That will be today's task. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that our dream building may also inspire you who go and dream of a greenhouse.



I recently read an interesting study done in England on what it is that makes one experience a home as happier and more satisfying. It's not about flowing light and expensive designer stuff. That is not what creates a happy home. Of course, the basic needs come first; to have a roof over your head, water and heat. But if you move on after that, there are 6 points that stand out when it comes to a happy home.

The Times in a recent article. "It's not about owning your home, but knowing you can live there for as long as you need."

The study was done by Resi and is called The Science of a Happy Home. Have you read it? Were you surprised by any of the points? If you have not read it, I will share it below in an abbreviated and translated version. Point No. 1 is something that I myself identify with a lot. I often talk about it and it is my goal and my biggest dream to realize it.

  1. Affiliation and association. To feel connected to nature and the environment around the home. Having a patio, garden or balcony is important. Perhaps even more important now that we are spending more time in our homes. There is a lot of talk about homes having large windows and letting in a lot of light, but really it is what is outside the windows that gives the most happiness. "A room with a view" quite simply. The study shows that we tend to be happiest in a home with a view, preferably of nature. But I think it's a lot about taste here. Some may love a city view other open landscapes. The thing is probably that you should enjoy what you see through the windows. 10 years ago, before we moved into the villa, we lived in a small apartment at the top of the house on a hill. We saw the whole town and all the church tones from our living room. I loved it. It felt like you had the world at your feet and that anything was possible. Now that we live in the villa, all I need is a view. I only see the neighbors' houses so I have to work hard to enjoy my really non-existent view. Therefore, I hang curtains outdoors during the summer half of the year and we have planted a long high hedge. Rather green than the neighbor's backyard is the philosophy. I dream of a house by the Mediterranean with endless views of mountains, valleys or sea.
  2. Owning your home does not mean that you will be happier in your home. Renting your home can bring just as much happiness, but then you have to feel so safe with your landlord that you know that you can rent indefinitely. Feeling safe and secure in keeping your home is a big and important part.
  3. A home that reflects on you. About 80% answered that they felt happiest in a home that reflects who you are. A home that is not based on trends, rather anti-trends. Although this is so important for creating a happy home, most people renovate and decorate according to what they think others like or even for future owners even though they do not even plan to sell their home. So focus on YOUR taste and ignore others and you will be happier in your home.
  4. Relaxed home. People who describe their home as relaxed are the people who are happiest with their homes. Much more than those who describe their homes as "organized", "Designed" or "Balanced". So make sure you feel relaxed in your home. eg by creating cozy reading corners like adult huts. Places where you can curl up in an armchair, feel embraced and let your gaze wander over a window with a view, beautiful art on a wall or a bookshelf filled with beautiful personal things according to your own preferences.
  5. The security of staying. Feeling secure and confident that you can stay for as long as you want is fundamental to a happy home. Often associated with owning your home but not necessarily so. As long as you know that you can stay, it creates the same basic security and foundation for a happy home.
  6. An adaptable home. Being able to adapt your home to different life situations and phases in life proved to be extra important for larger families. Especially if you have between 3-5 children. To be able to open up surfaces, close or change as needed. This applies regardless of the size of the accommodation. For example, if you have a smaller apartment, you feel greater happiness if it is easy to change so you have a living room or bedroom. A smart compact living.

Terrace dreams

This year I am incredibly expectant for the terrace season. More than any other year. Maybe it's because you got used to the little things. If there is one thing we have learned this past year, it is the importance of a pleasant home. I feel such gratitude and favor that we have hated our garden and terrace during this strange time. I often think of those who live in smaller apartments without a balcony who have been forced to lockdown and isolate themselves at home around the world. Think what a luxury that we have been able to be outdoors as much as we have wanted. How important the home has become. Anyway, I'm too busy fixing and arranging the terrace for this year. Step one for me was to get rid of a lot of chairs that I could not repair or keep anymore. They had simply been in too many seasons by now.

I dream of a Mediterranean terrace that still harmonizes with our house and the fact that we are in Sweden. I have a bit of a hard time when creating outdoor environments that do not really resonate with where we are purely geologically. For example, making a patio that is entirely inspired by, let's say, Bali. It fits very well in Bali, but here I can think that it almost gets a bit kitschy. It does not match our climate or Swedish style and tradition.

I made a moodboard to visualize it more easily.


So my challenge is to get a Mediterranean-inspired terrace that still harmonizes with our Swedish wooden villa. I start from our large dining table. A table that we have simply laid on old wooden planks taken home from the Spanish promenade. The plank is now silver gray and faded by many years of sun and rain. The table is outside all year round.

After much searching for the perfect timeless outdoor chair that suits both Sweden and the Mediterranean feeling I was looking for, I found this one. A chair that does not require a lot of maintenance and that matches our silver-gray wooden table. The choice of this chair. Caféstolen Hillerstorp.

As we have longed to move out on the terrace, we start a little bit with chairs and will refill as soon as it gets a little warmer. I imagine more plants, cozy lighting and then up with our curtains and canvas for the ceiling. The ones we set up every year. It becomes so cozy and more like a room then. An extra room in the garden. As I long to plant everything we have planted indoors this year. The whole dining room is full of budding shoots and it sprouts just as much in me.

To make an element protection between cooking and Sunday washing

The weekend was mostly spent indoors after Friday's snowstorm. Right now (or always?) We are in the middle of a period when several different projects are rowed at the same time. The basement is an ongoing project, so it's convenient that you can hardly count on it anymore. We have been doing this for a year. We are still not ready even though we are now finally starting to see light in the tunnel. I have long had on my list to give our element protection in the hall a makeover. An element protection with rattan fabric. On Sunday it happened. I redid the element cover in one day while I washed all the laundry and both cooked a lot of food and baked. I took the opportunity to do everything else while the various parts of the element protection dried, etc. I made a zucchini a la parmigiana (as with eggplant but with zucchini instead). I baked banana bread and I fried plaice and hung laundry.

So this was the starting point. Most of it was already done which made it extra easy for me.

The first step was to saw off the rods in the middle, then Angelo helped to grind while I sliced ​​the zucchini. Then I repainted all the parts in white, only it made a big difference. While the paint was drying, I did some washing.

Then I attached rattan fabric to the back. I stapled with a staple gun and then glued the edges with wood glue. While the glue was drying, I baked a banana bread and watered my seeds. Felt very effective.

When we had eaten dinner, the glue had dried and I put the element cover back on. I think it became a much calmer impression afterwards. What do you think?

To create harmony in the bedroom

Creating harmony and calm in the bedroom may sound a bit cliché but I really like to have it as simple as possible in the bedroom. It gives peace and quiet and makes it easier for me to relax. Some time ago we sold our bed frame. It was so quick to sell it that we did not have time to buy a new one. Therefore, we have had the mattress on the floor for a couple of weeks. It worked, but now we have a bed frame again and it feels a bit like sleeping on clouds.

We chose the simplest bed frame this time. One that is not even seen or noticed. Maybe I needed it as the opposite pole after all the years when you have seen such significant bed breeds, stuffed bed breeds and all sorts of varieties. I think I got a little tired of it. So this feels a little minimalist liberating. New Mediterranean or warm minimalism you might call it. Or I have realized that I have to start decorating here at home as I visualize my dream home in the country around the Mediterranean. I do not know when that dream of a house will come true. While I wait, I can at least decorate according to my dreams even if we stay in the house in Stockholm. You can not walk around and wait but you have to enjoy your surroundings and your home here and now. So I've started creating my little Mediterranean bubble here and now.

Last weekend I grabbed the roof. I painted it in the same tone as the walls and it made a huge difference to the overall feeling. I have waited and waited. We have not been able to make a decision on how and what to do with the ceiling in the bedroom. It really needs to be renovated so we have discussed whether we should open up to the ridge or lay a new ceiling. Most of all, we want to open to nock, but since it is such a big job, we have waited.

Now I have made a temporary solution which, after all, turned out better than I had expected. I can stand this for a while longer. Before, I could lie in bed and stare up at the ceiling and just think about how ugly it was. It was not good for sleep. Now I know it's because of my HSP (high sensitive person). I have learned that things that my brain does not perceive as beautiful or aesthetic can disturb me on so many levels.

I have used paint from Jotun Lady Mineral in the tone Space on both walls and ceilings. Space is a warm greige color and it fits perfectly in our bedroom which is located in the north.

Tailor-made curtains create a hotel feeling

In collaboration with Gotain

Just in time for spring, I usually switch to lighter and slightly thinner curtains and this year is no exception. I change to thin unbleached linen curtains that let the sun shine beautifully through them and that flutter so beautifully in the wind when the door is open. I have also changed the curtain rod, a black one with rings. Really classic and timeless. Do you remember when I wrote about black cast iron details before? You will find that post here.

The target image was a mix between a hotel suite in Paris and a house on the slopes of Tuscany. Timeless, beautiful, classic.
Getting the curtains tailor-made for my home feels so incredibly well-crafted and luxurious. Otherwise, my curtains are usually too short or far too long because I think I will have time to put them up, but then it never really gets off.

How do you create that wonderful hotel feeling?

There are four points that I think are most important when you want to strive for the wonderful and luxurious hotel feeling.

  • The length of course, by now everyone probably knows that it is from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall that is numero uno
  • The material is a big detail. To get the "right" feeling, materials like linen and perhaps velvet work best. I prefer linen for a slightly lighter feel. I like when the light is filtered even in the bedroom.
  • Color is important and the lack of patterns. In a hotel, you do not change curtains according to the season or even for several years, so you choose something that fits all year round and does not feel dated or passé. For me, it is unbleached linen like these in the model Sand. I never get tired of it.
  • The width of the curtains has a great impact on the overall feeling. These are extra wide, as much as 2,80 cm wide. They are thus wider than they are long. My curtains are 2,60 cm long because I put them under the stucco strip. It makes them hang in lovely folds even if I draw the curtains.

Curtain and curtain rod can be found at Gotain and I also want to highlight that the curtains are sewn in studios here in Sweden by people who are relatively new in the country and who through this project get a chance for a fresh start and integration. It is important to keep in mind and it is important to support these local companies that do so right and that do so well.

To install an old tile stove

Our ongoing project of trying to restore our old house to its original condition is constantly ongoing. The latest project was to install an old tiled stove in the living room. I have had this on my dream list ever since we moved into the house so it will be about 10 years that I have dreamed of a stove. This weekend, everything finally became clear and I can hardly believe it's true. Everything happened quite suddenly. I had posted a watch on Facebook Market and Blocket and all of a sudden it was there. The perfect tiled stove for us. Just close, the right size and neutral color. In addition, at a very affordable price so we struck. Quite spontaneous but still something we have wanted to do for many years.

Since it was an old tiled stove, step one was to dismantle it with the previous owners to transport all 1200 kg homes to us. Then all the parts would enter the house to be warmed up to room temperature. It snowed the day we picked up the tile stove so everything was cooled down and before you wall it up, they should preferably be at room temperature. Eddie and I carried in all the parts ourselves one afternoon. Who really needs a gym when you have a house and garden ..? It was lucky that we had covered the floor properly with both plastic and cardboard because when the snow and ice on all the blocks melted, there was a cozy mourning on the floor.

The stove we had was dismantled and sold at Blocket to new happy owners. Then we went through the flues and took the opportunity to replace them with new better parts before it was time to build the new (old) tiled stove. We took help to build the tiled stove, because we did not want to do it ourselves. We also removed all combustible material on the wall behind the tile stove and let that part consist of just plaster. I painted over the plaster in the same shade as the rest of the walls and I think it was harmonious and good.

Overall, I think it was much better proportions with the tile stove instead of the wood stove. It blends in perfectly and it feels like it has always been there. So glad we finally got to grips with this project.

An arched mirror, a real find

An arched mirror has moved in with us. It feels like arches have had a rematch this year and then I mean not only when it comes to mirrors but generally in terms of shape. Both in the vault and as in this case in a mirror. This thin mirror provides a nice contrast to the rustic wooden board. Before, I had a stronger mirror with a solid wooden frame here, but I thought it was a little too repetitive and a little too "heavy". It got the second mirror had to move into the guest toilet for so long so I could make room for this arched, almost a little sacred mirror instead. This mirror is also longer and captures the light better so it also makes our otherwise a little hall a little brighter.

I like that it has a minimalist feel but still a bit sacred, the home is sacred so it might fit extra well then. It becomes a calm feeling as soon as you get home and inside the door and it is much needed sometimes. The vaulted mirror is also a real budget find and you will find it here

I feel very much for a kind of rustic minimalism right now, or have felt that maybe for a long time really. A garden urn has been moved indoors during the winter and in it I have some dried flowers, very simple but also very symbolic of the feeling I try to strive for here at home. The one who gives me peace right now when it is hectic purely at work. Fun but a lot. Then extra calm is needed here at home. Cliché men sant.

My home in Sköna Hem

In the latest issue of Sweet home, so my home is in one of the reports. So fun to see the result after Jenny Martinsson (Home trends) and Mikael Lundblad was at home and took pictures with us a while ago. The title of the report was: "Decorated for eternal times" and I share some thoughts about timeless interior design in the report. Thought I would share some pictures here for those who want to see. I really like Mikael's way of photographing, so it was extra fun that he took photos and Jenny is such an incredibly talented stylist and interior designer. I think they succeeded very well in conveying my home and my thoughts.

It was Christmas again this year

Of course it was Christmas again this year, a Christmas without expectations, a little smaller Christmas but maybe because of that also a heavenly nice and cozy Christmas. We spent Christmas with my husband's family because we have spent the whole year both privately and at work. So it was no wonder we celebrated Christmas together, the same circle, the same circle and minimized risk. The most important thing about Christmas is to try to create some form of magic for the little ones, even if my children are not so small anymore, they are just at the age where you remember a lot and feel so many different emotions. Small traditions help to create a special feeling. We continue to look at the Christmas calendars every day the whole family, even though we may have almost grown out of it. Just maybe. I buy chocolate Christmas calendars for both of us and we have Christmas stockings on Christmas morning. As I said, these are small things, but together with Christmas music and Christmas food, it becomes a nice whole that still creates a little magical shimmer over December and the days around Christmas. We set the table a little extra nicely with double tablecloths, pick out the old fine silver and make it special in this way. This year we also got a lot of frost on Christmas Eve and then a lot of snow on Christmas day. How nice. It was the best Christmas present and Christmas was also this strange year.