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A slow September

September for me is a month of new starts, of organization, there's a back to school feeling and always lots to do. The kitchen garden is groaning with all sorts of wonderful produce, not to mention the abundance of sunripe tomatoes. As I hate waste and love the idea of ​​enjoying all the home grown goodies throughout the winter, I am busy making jars of preserved tomatoes and all sorts of …

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Sustainable and conscious clothing care

In collaboration with Steamery Taking care of their clothes and textiles so that they last longer is a big step towards a better environment. Using the clothes and things we already have is always the most sustainable option and something we can all work to improve. With a few simple steps, you can make your garments and textiles last longer and look fresh…

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White sunny summer dresses

Sunny and white summer dresses are a recurring and dear sign that summer is approaching. White dresses that symbolize the end of summer, weddings, baptisms, students and other wonderful and summery occasions. Many of my white dresses are used extensively even if it is not summer, but it is a little extra comfortable to wear when the heat comes. I have used the long-sleeved white dress all year round with boots and thick knitted dresses. Now wear…

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Striped sweater, here are my favorites for this spring

A timeless classic that I pick out every spring is the striped sweater. This year, it may feel a little more relevant than previous years. The striped sweater is always a safe and classic card, but this year there may be a little extra many nice models in a little thicker knitted variants. I'm not waiting until this spring, I'm already started using a favorite in my closet. My knitted sweater…

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About knitted panties and the books on my bedside table right now ..

During hard times, you need soft things, such as softly knitted panties that keep you warm during a raw weekend in November. This past weekend the focus was on resting, reading, staying at home, cooking and baking. The knitted garments go on repeat as well as the coffee machine and the Spotify list with Flora Martinez. The panties in 25% recycled material are surprisingly soft. You can find them here On my bedside table I just have…

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Where did autumn go?

I do not really know where time went. -I was completely engrossed in autumn and walked in a kind of autumn leaf shimmer through everyday life, but yesterday I felt winter in the air and maybe that I woke up a little from my autumn fog. I try to change, not so easy all the time. It takes a while for me to switch to winter and a new season. Winter is not a favorite but because I…

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Then came November

November came with a small wish list. Since we are back to stricter restrictions, staying at home and avoiding people in general, at least I feel that I am settling in. I want to live in comfortable tights, preferably these

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So I hid the TV cords easily

This with hiding the TV and all the wires, choosing TV furniture and making it blend into the rest of the room .. last Sunday I made a small change at home. Specifically in the living room and TV. Previously I had no TV furniture but I simply had only two stacks of magazines that hid contact and cables and so Apple TV and Angelo's switch lived on one stack…

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Autumn basic wardrobe

This autumn's basic wardrobe in capsule format is ready and this is how it turned out. I was asked on instagram if I could not show roughly what my basic wardrobe looks like and since it is autumn now, I focus on the autumn wardrobe. I see this with the basic wardrobe as a fun challenge, a journey and a development. How can you make it as efficient and practical as possible? I wear some clothes all year round…