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A weekend on the boat in September

We decided to go out with the boat after work last Friday .. a little spontaneous and without any expectations. I was actually set on a little autumn rain and cozy under the chapel with the rain slamming. But instead it was a magical sunset, we sat for a long time talking, drank some wine and ate cheese well into the wee hours before we went to bed in the cabin. It almost felt like a…

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Carl Eldh's Studio

As I longed for my art tours, to visit museums and exhibitions. This fall I will try to fill with two things, culture and nature. As a highly sensitive person, I have learned the importance of staying in beautiful environments. It gives me so much balance and positive energy. Nature and art are a bit the same, nature is a constantly changing work of art and during the autumn it has its Grand finale. When I was …

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My favorites are of course included. The brown oversize wool coat, trench coat, beige trousers, brown, black and chocolate ... and some denim. classic knitted sweaters in wool.

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Create the style

An easy breezy summer in town style, or something like that. A create the style post for you today. Since much of my wardrobe is second-hand or old, it can often be difficult to link to the things you ask about, but I have done my best to find similar ones. I usually do this myself, see a picture that inspires and then I have it in the back of my mind when I…

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Tailor-made jeans, are there any?

Collaboration with Studio Heijne I try on jeans that are sewn to my measurements. You know that feeling of a pair of jeans that you have had for several years. Jeans that are shaped according to the body and that are indescribably comfortable. This is how it feels with these jeans, but from the very first moment. This is my second pair of jeans from the Swedish brand Studio Heijne who work for the most part with clothes sewn on request and…

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Life in linen

The time is here, when life in linen begins. Casual, slightly wrinkled, wonderful and timeless linen garments. This year I have expanded my wardrobe with some new linen garments. Namely classic linen trousers in both white and black. I already have linen shirts. There is something about these linen garments that makes me relax. Like they signal about summer, sun and holidays so I even go at a slower pace…

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Stay home

In collaboration with Lexington Like so many others, I mostly stay at home during these times, am out very sparingly and then mostly to take a walk in nature, buy food or do something that can not be done online. We are starting to get into new routines, home routines. I cook a lot more food and I have had time to fix lots of different interior design / renovation projects of different sizes. I…