Of course it was Christmas again this year, a Christmas without expectations, a little smaller Christmas but maybe because of that also a heavenly nice and cozy Christmas. We spent Christmas with my husband's family because we have spent the whole year both privately and at work. So it was no wonder we celebrated Christmas together, the same circle, the same circle and minimized risk. The most important thing about Christmas is to try to create some form of magic for the little ones, even if my children are not so small anymore, they are just at the age where you remember a lot and feel so many different emotions. Small traditions help to create a special feeling. We continue to look at the Christmas calendars every day the whole family, even though we may have almost grown out of it. Just maybe. I buy chocolate Christmas calendars for both of us and we have Christmas stockings on Christmas morning. As I said, these are small things, but together with Christmas music and Christmas food, it becomes a nice whole that still creates a little magical shimmer over December and the days around Christmas. We set the table a little extra nicely with double tablecloths, pick out the old fine silver and make it special in this way. This year we also got a lot of frost on Christmas Eve and then a lot of snow on Christmas day. How nice. It was the best Christmas present and Christmas was also this strange year.