It is my biggest belief that simple food is best. Maybe it's Italian in me, but I think that sophisticated and artificial food that tries to be a little pretentious often falls a little flat. The simple wins just like with much else. Not just when it comes to food.

Porridge is one of my favorites, real comfort food that can be varied and adapted incredibly much. Right now, the favorite is oatmeal with skimmed oat milk. Sometimes I have a little extra flaxseed in the porridge or a little hemp protein. I like to eat porridge for lunch or dinner. Not just for breakfast.

Here I have topped my porridge with sliced ​​banana, almonds, honey and peanut butter. I take the skimmed oat milk from the coffee machine so it is a little warmer and rounder in taste than ice-cold milk. Such a simple thing as skimming the oat milk, I think lifts the whole porridge to new heights. It not only enhances the taste but also the impression. the oatmeal immediately feels much more luxurious and we may all need a little more everyday luxury even in the small details. Luxury is not about buying new or expensive, but luxury is more about time and commitment.