This autumn's basic wardrobe in capsule format is ready and this is how it turned out. I was asked on instagram if I could not show roughly what my basic wardrobe looks like and since it is autumn now, I focus on the autumn wardrobe. I see this with the basic wardrobe as a fun challenge, a journey and a development. How to make it as efficient and practical as possible? I wear some garments all year round but now have more layers. For example, I have a skirt and dress with tights and sandals exchanged for boots. I have put together an example of what I use most with garments that are the same or identical to my garments. Garments that can be mixed and matched in a variety of variations. What they have in common is that they are very simple and timeless and I always feel comfortable in them.

The base is black and neutral, a very typical combination is the one I have in the pictures, black pants, stirrups, black sweater, loafers and my trench. But I can just as easily change into boots, sneakers or a small heel.

I have divided them into two blocks, one black and one "neutral" and I mix and match them with each other. (contains ad links)

I think this can be an inspirational image, then you can find similar second hand or a sustainable alternative. But otherwise there are similar models a bit everywhere in different price ranges. For example, I have linked to a new Dior bag because I myself have a simple black Dior bag that is vintage, mostly to give an idea. Picture no. Two below shows similar garments that I have and that I have chosen to call neutral. Everything can be mixed with picture no. 1.

These are the garments I use most now during the autumn and also other seasons. Of course, not all garments I own, but if I had to choose about 20-30 garments, this is what I choose. My absolute favorites and my simply my best basic wardrobe. When I think like this, it becomes very easy to opt out of other garments that may feel attractive and that are very nice where they hang in stores. I love when my wardrobe is a bit airy, so then it's important to rethink. Many garments are very nice but I do not have to own everything that is nice.