When it comes to travel, I have a preference for a certain type of Airbnb, I usually call them slow Airbnb. Accommodation that is often located in the countryside with a tranquility over it. A place to find peace and recovery. A while ago we checked in at Riurau de Maria to find inspiration for our renovation project 'Villa la Romana'. A place that breathes peace and tranquility. The benefits of Airbnb are many, but for me the biggest benefit is that I can cook and feel that I am more connected to the local culture and the people nearby. I do not think so much about what will happen in the future but focus on the present and what is around me.

If you have ever come home from a trip and felt more tired than before you left and with a feeling that the trip you have made has never happened, then it is time to take a step back. Ask yourself, do you travel to experience or do you do it to "prove and show something to others"? There are some special ingredients to use if you want to become a slow traveler. The first step is to change the perspective of travel and embrace a slower mindset. Slow travel is a way of thinking that can actually be used anytime and anywhere. In your everyday life where you live, on the way to work and school. It's about changing your perspective on travel. It's not about how fast you can get to a place, it's about the experiences along the way.

For us, these days at Riurau de Maria were very much about getting to know each other, trying out the area among the mountains. How did it sound in the morning when you woke up? Is it a sound I want to wake up to in the future? Everything felt very right from the start, which made it easier to make the decision to then buy our new house.

I found so much inspiration in the decor as well. The simple and sustainable material choices, timelessness and the solid.