November came with a small wish list. Since we are back to stricter restrictions, staying at home and avoiding people in general, at least I feel that I am settling in. I want to live in comfortable tights, preferably these with heels so there are no cold gaps and they sit where they should. The cashmere sweaters are advancing and they can be one or two sizes too large. Maybe I'll tie the man's or hit on this lovely with perfect polograge that does not take a stranglehold on the neck. Love loose polo collars that you can fit with a small scarf underneath or maybe just hide your hair in. Still no point in fixing your hair when you are mostly at home ..

This time of year, I put extra focus on skin care. Starting to use my acids and serums, take care when there is a little sun outside. I massage my face every day and use face mask and hair mask look like tight.

This is what my November wish list looks like,


I also try to get a daily walk during the day, today it was extra lovely, it is important to take care when the sun is looking ahead. Sun in November should not be taken for granted. After all, I have nothing against the gray November weather. Can think it's a little cozy. I drink large amounts of tea, read books and take on some interior design projects here at home.