It is possible? to live a slightly slower life with more presence when living in the city or near a big city? Can you do that? For me, the answer is an obvious yes. Sometimes I think it's a bit of a shame that people with preconceived notions think that slow living is equal to a cottage in the country or similar. It goes just as well in a big city. In the end, slow living is not about living slowly, but at a pace and a rhythm that suits you for the moment. Because even that can vary during different periods in life.

I have a penchant for seeing life through a camera lens, like an old movie with the notes of a Chet Baker song in the background. I'm fully aware that I romanticize most things and I honestly think we should romanticize our lives more. The simple things. The road you take to work in the morning and feel what luck that you actually have a job to go to. How the leaves swirl down the street. The florist who presents beautiful bundles of flowers and the cafe owner who wipes the tables.

I love city life just as much as I love country life. I think it's about how I choose to look at things in my environment. For me, city life is the same as charming old bookstores, cafes with wobbly tables, art exhibitions, museums, beautiful parks, beautiful people you can think about where they are going and how they are .. I see all this and I enjoy it something immense.

Sure it's a romanticized image of it, I'm fully aware of it but why not stop and choose to see the beautiful, bathe the soul in poetry created by the mind through everything you see?

Sip a drink in an elegant bar, unwind for a while, breathe. Buy bread and flowers on the way home. come on a Friday night, light a candle and put on cozy favorite music, cook together. Be present. Dip bread in the sauce and enjoy at the saucepan. Easy. Magically. Lovely.

Happy Friday my friends, Lina