Slow living does not mean that you always sit in a forest glade and breathe deeply. I like and often advocate a slow living philosophy, but that does not mean that I also have intense working days with a lot on the agenda. However, my attitude and attitude have changed. Today, for example, I had an unusual amount to grab. 189 new pharmacies that will start selling our products with all the admin that comes with it, Christmas campaign that would go out to sellers (where I took photos and produced products and made all the material myself) new products that would be up on the website as well as everything usual with emails and calls. As an owner of a family business, there is always a lot to do, big or small, and I think all entrepreneurs can agree with that.

“So how do I do that? How do I stay calm and not lose focus? How do I not get stressed? ”

I have come up with a method that at least works for me. Since I went into the wall a few years ago, I had to review my way of working. Below I have listed some things that make it easier for me to focus and maintain calm.

  • Sleep, without sleep nothing works, but sometimes it can be difficult to calm down if you have a lot to do and your thoughts are shining. There are various tricks to sleep better, deep breathing, exercise, fresh air, periodic fasting are some things I apply but also melatonin in the evening can do wonders for sleep.
  • Writing lists, I write down what it is I absolutely must do during the day, what is most important? what can wait? Start with the hardest / most important then everything else feels much easier to perform.
  • Open the window and let in fresh air and oxygen.
  • Light a scented candle that you like, harmony and routines help.
  • Turn on classical / concentration music. Spotify has many lists of study / work / concentration music.
  • Set the phone aside where you can not see it.
  • Eat! It can be easy to forget to eat when there is a lot, at least for me. I try to remember to eat and above all something with low blood sugar so that the energy is kept even. I always have oatmeal and oat milk in the office, crispbread and eggs. It is filling and can be a good rescue if I do not bring lunch.
  • Take a leg stretcher, once you have done the most important thing, reward yourself with a short walk even if it is only 10-15 minutes. Much easier to focus then again. I like to eat in a quarter of an hour and go for a walk. 1 hour lunch I do not enjoy. I prefer to come in late and go early instead. But I make sure the time I'm in the office is effective time.

..and that's exactly what slow living is all about; to be present in the chores you do, to do them as best you can and be focused on one thing at a time. When I work in this way, I do not feel the stress that I did before. I'm also good at saying nice things to myself when I've done something I did not think I could or when I have done something that I think is boring like filling in several Excel files to large resellers .. then I pat myself myself on the shoulder and says that shit how good you were now that made that boring but how nice now that it's done ..

Try it, you'll see, hope it works for you too.

hug, Lina