I have been full but happy that I managed to squeeze in a bit of Fashionweek, always fun to break from everyday life, work and everything in between with a little flair. It creates good balance if you ask me.

Tonight was a screening for Daily Routine, smoke fog, greasy bass, a lot of grunge feeling ..

He took some pictures before the show, when I was behind the curtain ha ha.

Stockholm fashionweek

Stockholm fashionweek Lina Paciello

Stockholm fashionweek Lina Paciello

..when the drone settles, the base pumps and the models come out ..


Stockholm fashion week

After the show, Maria and I slipped into Asian for a little dinner, bubbly and chatter about life. May need a little depth depending on the surface. And the sushi at Berns should not be despised.

Sushi berns

Sushi berns

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that you have to put yourself straight in the spotlight sometimes, here I am. Look at me. With lots of shortcomings. With self-distance. I'm good enough. Shield yourself from everything and everyone around and just do your thing, whatever it may be.


There is a lot of buzz and buzz about fashion week. I decided to make my own little eco-statement by wearing a vintage dress as a small counterweight to fashion's gigantic ecological imprint. Good so. Everyone can do something, even a little. Then we enjoy the evening and the moment without cues.

Lina Paciello Stockholm Fashionweek 2017 Sthlmfw

Over and out / lots of love for you, hug Lina❤