Everyday life is here again and it feels more than completely okay. We had a proper and long-awaited holiday even though I had not even dared to hope for it. But as is often the case when expectations are low, it will be really good. We came to our home in Spain against all odds and we have enjoyed like never before. Or appreciated may be better words. We have probably never appreciated a holiday in Spain so much before.

We drove our large hybrid car down through Europe. Packed the cooler bag full and we turned the cargo space into a double bed so we would not have to stop for food and hotels on the way down. It felt safest so and so in retrospect, I feel it was a wise choice. Once in place in Spain, we stayed on our edge, no wonder with that really. We have made it a bit of a sport to find beaches and coves where we can be to ourselves. We have enjoyed sunsets, balmy winds, sand between our toes and picked lots of shells. I started with my yoga flow and a cozy jog of about 10 km / day. For me, holidays are like health retreats. I like to scoop up goodies and come back rested and strong.

Here and now

I feel that I have thought and pondered more than I usually do this summer and holiday and I have come to the conclusion that I am now actually a real "here and now" person. I have practiced mindfulness for so many years that I am now a fan of being in the present. I love the present and usually do not think so much about what comes next or what has already happened. Therefore, it felt very hard when we were going home again from Spain. I wanted to continue to be here and now. But then Eddie thought we should drive through Paris because he knows I love the city and have not been able to go there for a long time. Then, as we slid into the streets of Paris, I was again in the present and fully present. The present was absolutely fantastic in Paris. We ate lunch, had coffee, I went to a pharmacy (mandatory shopping in Paris) Then I thought it would be sad to go on home and north but no, when I drove up the driveway I walked around the garden the first thing I did did and became lyrical about how everything has grown during the weeks we have been away. The present was fantastic again. I do not mean that the present is always wonderful and good, but that I am somehow engrossed in the present and always have a tendency to be present in it and see the best in the situation and in the place where I am. Do you understand what I mean?

I always say I love summer, but I also say I love autumn, winter and spring hahaha. I now realize that I simply love being in the present if it sounds logical. Now that we are home again, all focus is on all the autumn projects, on harvesting everything we sowed during the spring and summer. To embrace autumn and enjoy all it has to offer from healthy walks, plums and apple pie, soft cardigans and lovely piles of leaves. Now is quite wonderful