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In connection with Earth Day falling this month, I thought I would change and improve some habits a little more. Among other things, I have acquired two Bokashi buckets so I create soil instead of waste. I have planted a lot of vegetables so we can eat super locally grown. I have fixed things that were broken instead of throwing and buying new. I have started hanging the laundry outdoors. Small things that hopefully make a difference in the long run.

Children do as the parents do, not what the parents say. Angelo wanted a new mobile and I tried to explain why it would be better if we bought one that was not brand new from the store. That we would instead choose one that was used but serviced and that still had a lot left to give. He was not completely convinced, so the other day Angelo and I saw a program about lithium and how it goes when you dig for it. Lithium needed to turn the battery into new mobiles, among other things.

Often very young children work in mines in Africa. Barefoot and in terrible conditions. Children who are younger or the same age as Angelo. I asked him afterwards if he thought this was okay and how it would have felt if it had been him himself in that situation. Afterwards, it was very easy to make him realize that it is obvious that you also reuse technology. In addition to being a better price, it is also very climate-smart, but above all a humane decision. is a reliable online store that offers preloved and fully functional smartphones at an affordable price. All phones are tested and repaired through a careful process and with the latest technology. A quality control allows them to offer a guarantee for every phone sold.

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