Moving out to the terrace

This weekend we finally moved outside and let the outdoor season begin. The terrace becomes the new livingroom and diningroom. Just like most people I love eating and drinking outside and I think it’s a deep, almost primal desire we all share. As much as I love eating outdoor I also love cooking outside so I improvised a little outdoorkitchen. Nothing complicated or fancy, all the contrary. A small, simple and flexible kitchen that I can move around and easily store away if I want. You really don’t need that much to cook outside.

I also put up some windshields made of straw or reed, well actually it gives more protection from the sun than the wind. But I mainly put it up so it would create a sense of a room. It gives a bit of privacy as well. Usually I put up white curtains and a ‘sailroof’ but this year I wanted to try someting different.

It turned out to be a bit too long and I was just about to cut the part hanging done as a curtain when I realized that it kind of was cozy with it hanging down. It really created a sense of a room and thats exactly what I like when creating spaces outside. So I left it long but added some thin ribbons so I can roll it and tie it when I want too. Just like a blind curtain. Next step is to clean up our barbeque and move it here next to the stove. Now I can do all the cooking out here, otherwise I always had to boil the rice or potatos innide in the kitchen while we barbequed the rest outside. It feels a lot easier now and since I love simplifying and making life uncomplicated this turned out to be a great idea.

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