The tranquility of the Spanish countryside

I just got home from Spain again. It is a lot of paperwork to buy a house, but now everything is ready. It was 4 intense days with a lot of rain and wind. Meetings with lawyers and transfer of all agreements such as water, electricity, insurance etc. The first time in several years that I went down myself. A bit cumbersome but it still worked, especially when you are a little stubborn and strong-willed.

I also went up to Villa la Romana of course, the first time I took the car out there myself. Even though it was rainy and overcast, I think it's so beautiful. As soon as I turned off the main road and entered the gravel road along the olive groves and almond trees, I felt how my shoulders sank and my breathing became deeper. It feels just like coming home.
This time I got to know several of the neighbors. Our house is close to some others so we do not live completely alone there on the mountain which feels safe. I got to know the neighbor Sol, whom the other neighbors call hip, he grows a lot of his own and helped me cut up a padlock to which the key has disappeared. Then I got to know Kati and her son Leo. She offered tea and suggested internet companies while the kettle whistled in the kitchen. I am incredibly touched by the warmth that my new neighbors have shown me. Opened their homes and arms. I felt really cherished, I do not think I ever felt that way in Sweden. Is it because it's a good distance into the Spanish countryside? Or have I just been incredibly lucky? Maybe a mixture of both. No matter what, I feel like I've got a taste of what life here might be like in the future. A little slower, a little warmer, more present and more meaningful. I'm already longing to return so it almost hurts.

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