Slow living and a lot of work, does it even go together?

Slow living does not mean that you always sit in a forest glade and breathe deeply. I like and often advocate a slow living philosophy, but that does not mean that I also have intense working days with a lot on the agenda. However, my attitude and attitude have changed. Today, for example, I had an unusual amount to grab. 189 new pharmacies that will start selling our products with all the admin that comes with it, Christmas campaign that would go out to sellers (where I took photos and produced products and made all the material myself) new products that would be up on the website as well as everything usual with emails and calls. As an owner of a family business, there is always a lot to do, big or small, and I think all entrepreneurs can agree with that.

“So how do I do that? How do I stay calm and not lose focus? How do I not get stressed? ”

I have come up with a method that at least works for me. Since I went into the wall a few years ago, I had to review my way of working. Below I have listed some things that make it easier for me to focus and maintain calm.

  • Sleep, without sleep nothing works, but sometimes it can be difficult to calm down if you have a lot to do and your thoughts are shining. There are various tricks to sleep better, deep breathing, exercise, fresh air, periodic fasting are some things I apply but also melatonin in the evening can do wonders for sleep.
  • Writing lists, I write down what it is I absolutely must do during the day, what is most important? what can wait? Start with the hardest / most important then everything else feels much easier to perform.
  • Open the window and let in fresh air and oxygen.
  • Light a scented candle that you like, harmony and routines help.
  • Turn on classical / concentration music. Spotify has many lists of study / work / concentration music.
  • Set the phone aside where you can not see it.
  • Eat! It can be easy to forget to eat when there is a lot, at least for me. I try to remember to eat and above all something with low blood sugar so that the energy is kept even. I always have oatmeal and oat milk in the office, crispbread and eggs. It is filling and can be a good rescue if I do not bring lunch.
  • Take a leg stretcher, once you have done the most important thing, reward yourself with a short walk even if it is only 10-15 minutes. Much easier to focus then again. I like to eat in a quarter of an hour and go for a walk. 1 hour lunch I do not enjoy. I prefer to come in late and go early instead. But I make sure the time I'm in the office is effective time.

..and that's exactly what slow living is all about; to be present in the chores you do, to do them as best you can and be focused on one thing at a time. When I work in this way, I do not feel the stress that I did before. I'm also good at saying nice things to myself when I've done something I did not think I could or when I have done something that I think is boring like filling in several Excel files to large resellers .. then I pat myself myself on the shoulder and says that shit how good you were now that made that boring but how nice now that it's done ..

Try it, you'll see, hope it works for you too.

hug, Lina

Time to pick rosehips and make rosehips

Now is the perfect time to pick rosehips in the wild. Rosehips are a bit everywhere, by walking paths, by roads and forest ends. So incredibly bursting with vitamin c and beta carotene and thus perfect to pick now for the winter. I prefer to make rosehips on the rosehips I pick. It is an easy way to take advantage of them without requiring too much time or work on my part. If it is too complicated or time-consuming, there is often a risk that it will not happen at all and that is a shame.

The other day when I went for a walk with Nando, I saw several rosehip bushes. I stopped and picked a little on each bush. It is important to leave so that there will be rose hips next year. Remember not to pick too close to a road so that the rose hips are not contaminated with exhaust fumes.

To make rosehips on the rosehips that I picked, I start by rinsing them and letting them dry. Preferably in the sun if it is a sunny day.

Then I put them on a plate and put them in the oven at 50 degrees and let them dry. You can also dry them quickly in a dehydrator or in a dry room temperature, but it takes a few weeks. Leave the oven door ajar if you dry in the oven so that all the moisture comes out. When the rosehips are dry, I remove any small "tassels" that are left on them and then I mix them and strain off the small bumps. An ordinary metal strainer works perfectly.

I leave some of the rosehips whole, pour into a jar and store for the winter. Rosehip tastes a bit fruity and fresh. Let it stand for at least three minutes so that all the vitamins are released. Rosehips are incredibly rich in a variety of nutrients so it is something I like to do especially during the winter when you may need a little extra vitamin supplementation. Have you tried making your own rosehip? Out and pick now! October is a glorious period for picking rosehips.

A creamy and smooth pumpkin soup

The season for soup is here, this pumpkin soup is both creamy and good. I make it come back times during the fall and winter. It is good in so many ways. you can easily hide some other vegetable chips in it and you can also replace the pumpkin with the carrot. I like to eat what is in season as much as possible. Partly for the environment but also for the obvious reason that it simply tastes best to eat what is in season.

This year is also the first time I make this pumpkin soup on home-grown pumpkin from my organic kitchen garden. So it's not just in season but heaven locally grown outside my own door. Such a cool feeling.

The soup is very easy to make, here are some recipes for a hip.

-I start by frying some garlic and onions, can be yellow onions, spring onions or even leeks. Chop pumpkin and pour in it along with water and a vegetable broth. Let it boil until the pumpkin becomes soft. I like to pour in a splash of white wine then I mix with a hand mixer directly into the saucepan. Then I also add some type of cream, can be coconut, oats or regular .. Mix a little again and serve. A little basil in the saucepan. River over some parmesan and black pepper. Delicious, creamy and fast!

I boil and preserve plum juice to enjoy this winter.

We have an old plum tree in our garden. And this year, the plum tree is really thriving. You pick one and it collapses three. Eddie pruned the tree two years ago and it really accelerated the plum. The first year after pruning, there were almost no plums at all, but now it is more than ever. But what do you do with all these plums?
Feels wrong not to take advantage of what grows outside the door. So far I have butter fried with cinnamon and had on the porridge, I have cooked compote in batches that are eaten up quite quickly. I have it for chia pudding or warm up and eat with skimmed oat milk. Good.

But we can not eat everything fresh and at once so I have boiled juice that I canned and also made canned plum jam. Think how wonderful it is to pick out a bottle of summer plum juice in November and remember the summer and all the good things.

Making my own juice is not that difficult and I like that I can control the sugar content myself. I chose to sweeten with stevia and crunchy coconut sugar .. tastes a little caramel.

We had to do a juice test before we put the bottles down in the food cellar. How proud you feel when you have done it all yourself. And the feeling of taking advantage of what grows in the garden is so heavenly nice.

This is what I did; I divided everything up into 3 days. Of course, you can do everything in one day, but when you are in the middle of everyday life with lots of other things that also need to catch up, it became more practical like this.

  • Day one. After work and school we picked a few liters of plums.
  • Day two. Rinse, core, boil and strain the first round.
  • Day three. Boil again, strain with a cloth, sterilize bottles, pour, boil filled bottles.

I add sugar when I cook the second round, when I strain the first turn. Removes any remaining foam. I sterilize the bottles by boiling them for 10-15 minutes. Then I fill them all the way up and boil the filled bottles on lower heat for about 15-30 minutes. By sterilizing the bottles and then boiling them, the juice is preserved and you can store them in, for example, food cellars. Some freeze their juice but I wanted to avoid that. It takes up unnecessary space in the freezer and the juice must be thawed before you can drink. You do not always have that foresight.

I co-plant tulip bulbs and fall asleep for a while in the late summer sun

A late summer weekend in early September offered sun that caressed the neck and aroused the desire to plan for spring. The perfect garden weather was offered and I enjoyed as much as you can when everything is ripe and time passes slowly. Or at least I imagine that time passes slowly. Do not want to rush, want to enjoy and let the garden get drunk.

Today I co-planted the first tulip bulbs and narcissus .. I have a feeling that there will be many more. so wonderful to have the first spring flowers to look forward to. After a lot of thinking, I landed that I want to bury them between the lavender in the hallway under the climbing rose. Thought it could be nice with something that blooms early there .. and then when the tulips have withered, the lavender has started and can hopefully cover the withered tulip foliage (which should remain so that the tulip can absorb its nutrients and come back next year .)

They should obviously thrive well together, lavender and tulips.

I chose an apricot color scheme for the daffodils and tulips. I love apricots and I love flowers that are apricot colored .. It will be so fun to see how they will bloom this spring.
I put the Narcissus Sweet Desire at the back, closest to the fence because it will be the highest. Then I alternated two different tulips; Tulipa Charming Lady and Mango charm.

My goal is to do something in the garden every day ... often it is more than that. It's so much fun when it grows and you get to enjoy your work. Enjoying the garden is also a big part of gardening.

Laying out some pillows and blankets, reading aloud from a book with a faithful dog as a listener and then maybe snoozing for a while .. Nando snores sweetly and the smell of san marzano tomatoes that are ripening intoxicates. Late summer anyway .. can be quite nice

Back in town and ready for fall

Everyday life is here again and it feels more than completely okay. We had a proper and long-awaited holiday even though I had not even dared to hope for it. But as is often the case when expectations are low, it will be really good. We came to our home in Spain against all odds and we have enjoyed like never before. Or appreciated may be better words. We have probably never appreciated a holiday in Spain so much before.

We drove our large hybrid car down through Europe. Packed the cooler bag full and we turned the cargo space into a double bed so we would not have to stop for food and hotels on the way down. It felt safest so and so in retrospect, I feel it was a wise choice. Once in place in Spain, we stayed on our edge, no wonder with that really. We have made it a bit of a sport to find beaches and coves where we can be to ourselves. We have enjoyed sunsets, balmy winds, sand between our toes and picked lots of shells. I started with my yoga flow and a cozy jog of about 10 km / day. For me, holidays are like health retreats. I like to scoop up goodies and come back rested and strong.

Here and now

I feel that I have thought and pondered more than I usually do this summer and holiday and I have come to the conclusion that I am now actually a real "here and now" person. I have practiced mindfulness for so many years that I am now a fan of being in the present. I love the present and usually do not think so much about what comes next or what has already happened. Therefore, it felt very hard when we were going home again from Spain. I wanted to continue to be here and now. But then Eddie thought we should drive through Paris because he knows I love the city and have not been able to go there for a long time. Then, as we slid into the streets of Paris, I was again in the present and fully present. The present was absolutely fantastic in Paris. We ate lunch, had coffee, I went to a pharmacy (mandatory shopping in Paris) Then I thought it would be sad to go on home and north but no, when I drove up the driveway I walked around the garden the first thing I did did and became lyrical about how everything has grown during the weeks we have been away. The present was fantastic again. I do not mean that the present is always wonderful and good, but that I am somehow engrossed in the present and always have a tendency to be present in it and see the best in the situation and in the place where I am. Do you understand what I mean?

I always say I love summer, but I also say I love autumn, winter and spring hahaha. I now realize that I simply love being in the present if it sounds logical. Now that we are home again, all focus is on all the autumn projects, on harvesting everything we sowed during the spring and summer. To embrace autumn and enjoy all it has to offer from healthy walks, plums and apple pie, soft cardigans and lovely piles of leaves. Now is quite wonderful

Pasta with Friarielli

The first harvest in the garden begins now. First of June and I have harvested spinach, coriander and unbelievably also friarielli. Everything above is from my seeds from last winter. The spinach has been out all winter and I planted the friariellin indoors already in April, moved them out in May and today it was time to eat them.

I thought it was impossible to sow them here in Sweden but on the contrary it was very simple ..

The cultivation and use of Cime di rapa is widespread in southern Italy, mainly in the regions of Apulia, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and Lazio where Cime di rapa has been cultivated for centuries. In northern Italy, fresh Cime di rapa is difficult to obtain and commercial cultivation is not very widespread. The explanation for the big differences is both climate and traditions.

I'm used to this being something I only eat when I'm in Italy so my joy was huge to be able to grow this myself here at home in the garden.

Actually, they should be picked before they go to Blom, but I did not really have time. You can harvest parts of the plant as new shoots can appear.
I made them in the classic Neapolitan way today, pre-cooked and then fried in olive oil, garlic, true and chili. Good with some bread or a salsiccia.

I also made another classic pasta dish, although I replaced the orechiette simply because I did not have them at home and sometimes you simply take what you have.

/ Friarielli

(4 persons)
300–400 g Orecchiette
(the pasta is available in well-stocked grocery stores
and Italian delicatessens)
Stor bunt Cime di rapa
(thin leaves and heads)
A couple of slices of chopped garlic
4 pcs anchovy fillets
Fresh red chili pepper
Sea salt
Fried bread crumbs

Clean and rinse Cime di rapa and put it in boiling lightly salted water. Let boil while stirring for about 5-10 minutes. Take up Cime di rapa and boil the Orecchiette pasta in the same water. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan, add the chopped garlic and anchovies and simmer on a fairly low heat. When the pasta and Cime di rapa are ready, put them in the frying pan, stir well and let everything simmer for another couple of minutes. Salt. Place the dish in deep plates and sprinkle over the fried breadcrumbs.

We built a greenhouse of old windows and old bricks

We built a greenhouse / orangery of old windows and old bricks. We built a dream. A Mediterranean greenhouse. A Mediterranean dream. Think we did this !? That we created this little gem for a greenhouse. In addition, on basically only recycled materials, old leaded windows, old doors and old bricks ..

So many questions that came in regarding the greenhouse so I thought I would write here how we did and how I thought when we would uggs our greenhouse.

The first step was to collect pictures of greenhouses that I liked, what feeling was I looking for and how could we adapt it to the structure we already had ..? We had a roof on a patio. Eddie built the roof because he had his pool table there ... yes a pool table. One of those compromises you make as a married person .. anyway the pool table had done its thing and it was time for me to use this corner of the garden now .. it was time for something new. Something new that was old. Something that looks like it has stood there for a hundred years and has been handled with care. It was time for my orangery.
We made a small first sketch. A sketch so that Eddie would understand what I was looking for. Then we compared with my inspirational pictures.

We needed old windows and old bricks. The important thing was to find old windows and old brick partly for the right feeling with patina but also purely economically and of course for the sustainable aspect. The hunt began and I checked Blocket and Facebook Market every day. Pretty quickly I found an ad where someone gave away old bricks from a tiled stove so we went out to get them. It was snowing and it was zero degrees. The bricks were in a mud puddle holes about noise and we loaded as many as we could on the truck. Muddy, wet but happy we went home with our treasure again.
The next day the sun shone and we started scraping away all the old mortar from the bricks. They were so beautiful. Absolutely perfect. These would be a fantastic foundation for the greenhouse. We built them around our existing frame. The idea was to make it look like the windows are on top of the bricks, but they really do not. It's a beautiful illusion but it works, the feeling was right.

We also found an ad for lots of old windows so we did not have to hunt in lots of different places. Nice. Then we had collected some from before and I have saved the doors and had them indoors for probably 2 years now. Did not really know what to do with them but they were so beautiful that I saved them. They come from a gate inside the city. Over 100 years old and was going to be replaced so I took care of them. There are three small glasses missing but it is on the list to fix ..

All windows were painted white for a uniform feeling and to make it last for many years to come. Surely it still looks like it's always been here? So worth all the hours of work. What took the most time was all the measuring and puzzling to get the windows to fit into our existing structure.

It is still not completely clear, shelves will be up inside, paving stones will be laid on the floor and we will fold in some window glass in the ceiling for extra light. We also have to seal some gaps before winter comes, but right now it's just nice that air is coming in. We take it step by step. Must stay and enjoy too. The light in here when the sun goes down is absolutely wonderful. How it breaks in the old windows in a way that new glass does not. Magical and absolutely wonderful. Imagine every night here with a glass of rosé and the garden flaunting outside. As I long !!

Today I will plant 150 sunflower seeds in different varieties. Everything from extra high, to low, burgundy and even white italian white sunflowers. That will be today's task. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that our dream building may also inspire you who go and dream of a greenhouse.

White sunny summer dresses

Sunny and white summer dresses are a recurring and dear sign that summer is approaching. White dresses that symbolize the end of summer, weddings, baptisms, students and other wonderful and summery occasions. Many of my white dresses are used extensively even if it is not summer, but it is a little extra comfortable to wear when the heat comes.

I have used the long-sleeved white dress all year round with boots and thick knitted dresses. Now I wear the same dresses with sandals or flip-flops and maybe even have a bikini underneath.

HM // Second hand // Residus // Ajlajk

Here I have selected some favorites that are in store right now. White dresses that work just as well for parties as for vaarags. Easy to dress up or down.

Buy a new mobile or not?

In association with swappy

In connection with Earth Day falling this month, I thought I would change and improve some habits a little more. Among other things, I have acquired two Bokashi buckets so I create soil instead of waste. I have planted a lot of vegetables so we can eat super locally grown. I have fixed things that were broken instead of throwing and buying new. I have started hanging the laundry outdoors. Small things that hopefully make a difference in the long run.

Children do as the parents do, not what the parents say. Angelo wanted a new mobile and I tried to explain why it would be better if we bought one that was not brand new from the store. That we would instead choose one that was used but serviced and that still had a lot left to give. He was not completely convinced, so the other day Angelo and I saw a program about lithium and how it goes when you dig for it. Lithium needed to turn the battery into new mobiles, among other things.

Often very young children work in mines in Africa. Barefoot and in terrible conditions. Children who are younger or the same age as Angelo. I asked him afterwards if he thought this was okay and how it would have felt if it had been him himself in that situation. Afterwards, it was very easy to make him realize that it is obvious that you also reuse technology. In addition to being a better price, it is also very climate-smart, but above all a humane decision. is a reliable online store that offers preloved and fully functional smartphones at an affordable price. All phones are tested and repaired through a careful process and with the latest technology. A quality control allows them to offer a guarantee for every phone sold.

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