Personal findings

Nothing beats the feeling when you make a really good cape, a bargain. You feel proud and talented as well.

When it comes to interior design, it is precisely these personal findings that are usually the icing on the cake.

I had an empty surface above the element protection that I wanted to do something about.

So sad when it was just empty, but I did not even know what I wanted there.

I decided to take a bargain and check out some local second hand stores. Let fate decide what it would be. You-know-when-you-see-it-philosophy.

Said and made the coffee drunk and the most beautiful shoes on ..

lina paciello espresso marble kitchen

luck was on my side and I found these wicker baskets in a set of two. Thought at first it was one, but when I opened it there was one more smaller inside .. take da da

interior lina paciello rose shade

Found two books for a few twenty notes with, (The Louvre book was bought in Paris at the Louvre Museum).

All of a sudden it became clear what it would look like.

interior element protection second hand design

I really think it's worth taking the time to hunt for some odd gadgets, I love shopping my things at auction, second hand, Ebay and mixing it up with some classic design item that lasts through time.

They are the ones who make your home feel personal, like "you". It would be easy to go and buy a new gadget, but basically anyone can do it. Paying more does not always mean more taste or style. .. so I challenge you to turn things around and go out and find your "special pieces" that make your home yours and no one else's ..

By the way, I said that the baskets cost SEK 20 together .. 🙂

There was no note or marking in them, but if anyone here recognizes them, you are welcome to leave a comment

zebra decor hall element protection

the baskets picked up the black in the zebra rug and tied the hall together in a completely new way.

The nice pot was bought from Lilla Byrån, the round table was bought at Blocket but is originally from NK Hem.

The mirror is functional, saved from a home that would be emptied of household goods.

Bargains bargains bargains so crazy fun and a typical example that interior design does not have to cost the shirt.

Warm hug


interior lina paciello rose shade

Work in progress

..So yesterday was crazy but today it's a job on the schedule, but it's not a shame when you work with something of your own.

It is said that if you love your profession, you do not work one more day, because what you like does not feel like a job ..

One of the most fun parts is the photography of the products. I thought these we took for Gröna gredelina were fine, so now I sit and edit them before all the spring news 2017.

So fun!

Linen is so grateful to take photos as well, lovely structure and pleasant colors, the lavender pillows we just received from our partner were so nice I think.

Lina Paciello


We gathered some products that we want to recommend for Valentine's Day, are spa products and oils not perfect Valentine gifts so say ..?

So for those of you who do not know it is so Green Gredelina one of my companies, an organic lifestyle company where we focus on natural and organic products for home and body. Thought it might be fun for you to know a little more about me and what I do.

FullSizeRender (36)

A little hearts before Valentine's day, of course, it's February 1st today and only two weeks left..time runs away. We usually celebrate with good food, lit candles and then I usually buy or do something cute for the kids above all.


Two of my products have also been nominated for the Organic Beauty Award, which is great fun!

Have a nice evening darlings and take the opportunity to treat yourself to something today when it is after all Sunday and the weather is extremely gray, so it may really be needed.

Hug / Lina


Stockholm Fashionweek

I have been full but happy that I managed to squeeze in a bit of Fashionweek, always fun to break from everyday life, work and everything in between with a little flair. It creates good balance if you ask me.

Tonight was a screening for Daily Routine, smoke fog, greasy bass, a lot of grunge feeling ..

He took some pictures before the show, when I was behind the curtain ha ha.

Stockholm fashionweek

Stockholm fashionweek Lina Paciello

Stockholm fashionweek Lina Paciello

..when the drone settles, the base pumps and the models come out ..


Stockholm fashion week

After the show, Maria and I slipped into Asian for a little dinner, bubbly and chatter about life. May need a little depth depending on the surface. And the sushi at Berns should not be despised.

Sushi berns

Sushi berns

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that you have to put yourself straight in the spotlight sometimes, here I am. Look at me. With lots of shortcomings. With self-distance. I'm good enough. Shield yourself from everything and everyone around and just do your thing, whatever it may be.


There is a lot of buzz and buzz about fashion week. I decided to make my own little eco-statement by wearing a vintage dress as a small counterweight to fashion's gigantic ecological imprint. Good so. Everyone can do something, even a little. Then we enjoy the evening and the moment without cues.

Lina Paciello Stockholm Fashionweek 2017 Sthlmfw

Over and out / lots of love for you, hug Lina❤

Pain perdu for breakfast

Pain perdu, lost bread ..

French toast pain perdu

Actually, maybe it should be called saved bread ..? Because you take advantage of something that you might otherwise have thrown away. Other common names are french toast and poor knights. Lets make them!

I grew up in an environment where you take advantage of everything, not because there were no assets, but more out of respect for nature and our resources. You do not throw something away because it is broken or old, you fix and redo, create something new. Maybe even more beautiful or in this case even better. To make super good french toast that is perfect on a gray Saturday morning when you do not want to go out to buy fresh bread, you need a few days old bread that has become a little dry and dull. I like to replace regular cream / milk with oat-based and gluten-free bread that is usually a little drier and fits perfectly.

•Dry bread

• 1 dl cream / milk

• 1 egg

• vanilla (preferably real) otherwise vanilla sugar or similar

• Possibly something sweet, cane sugar, honey, stevia…

Mix everything except the bread.

If you want, you can fill the bread with something like, chocolate cream, strawberries .. use your imagination .. dip in the egg / milk mixture and then fry until golden brown. Drizzle over some honey and serve with fresh fruit, enjoy with a clear conscience.

pain perdu french toast

Processed with VSCO with preset hb2

Processed with VSCO with preset hb2

The recipe comes from the Laduree recipe book, but with some modifications from me.

Have a great Saturday,

hug Lina


Super simple Malm remake

I think there is an ore bureau in every other home, they devour so much .. practical but maybe liiite boring ..

malm remake ikeahack

I have been thinking for a long time about redoing the ore bureau in some way but have not really found something I liked. But now so ... now it became a simple detail that still makes something "happen".

I bought white flat moldings at the DIY store that we cut and glued to the top of each drawer.

bedroom ore ikeahack

Ikea's associated glass top is located on top. Have also considered painting the entire furniture light gray and ordering a marble top instead of the glass top .. think it can be as nice as you like.

But for now, this must be good ..

bedroom Ikea hack ore bureau

Heavenly Semmelmilkshake

Since I have moved over my blogging here, I also put over the recipe for the semmel milk shake as you are several who ask about it, so here is the post again ..
Processed with VSCO with preset hb2

Bangs how good this was!
As you know, I like to tinker and try a little different stuff in the kitchen .. read recipes as rarely as I read manuals or stand in line .. it's a bit against my nature which can sometimes result in heavenly things like this ..! In addition, it is almost lactose, sugar and gluten free.

I'm not much for cakes, buns or pastries but the semolina is in a class of its own. Hard to resist for me, that and all the instagram photos on one semlan after another made me want to try to make a variation.
Glad I am because this was among the best I have drunk.
Powerful? Yes
Saturating? Yes
Taste semla? Yes

Processed with VSCO with preset hb2

So with that said, it may not be something you drink for breakfast or as a dessert after a dinner. But after a long walk or when you have not had the strength to cook is a little hip recipe for a glass;
1/2 dl oat milk
1/2 cup natural almonds
3 tablespoons oatly vanilla ice cream
Cardamom to taste
Icing sugar

Mix the almonds first until it almost becomes flour. Pour in ice cream, cardamom, milk and mix again.
Pour into glasses, top with cream, chopped brioche and icing sugar.

Processed with VSCO with preset hb2


Lina Paciello is the entrepreneur with a focus on sustainability and health, who thinks that organic should be fun, aesthetically pleasing and without cues. Lina has her roots in Italy, she thrives in beautiful environments and balance is one of her watchwords.


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