Diy sofa mattress

I have this old blanket that used to belong to may grandmother and it’s like a comfortblanket, soft and full of memories. Sadly its falling apart so I thougt I make something new out of it.
Lately I’ve seen a lot of thin mattresses (or quilt if you like) on couches in different places and photos and I really love the idea. It sort of makes the sofa more iviting and cozy at the same time as it protects it. Especially when you have a dog (or small children for that matter). Nando has more or less taken over it and he loves the old blanket a lot and he loves lying on the sofa so why not make a mattress out of the old blanket.

I started by simpy folding the blanket in half lengthwise so it became doble, it’s a single blanket with standard size. Then I sew it together along the sides. I then used a thick curtain to make the cover, just straight gems like a pillow case. I see the last short side by hand. Nando was really curious during the whole process.
I read somewhere once that mending the things you have and making them last is good for you. Last night I could really feel that. It sort of releases oxytocin, it’s calming, soothing and comforting. As I was making something new out of old things I already had at home the autumn leaves where falling outside my windows and it felt meaningful some how.

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