I gained the great confidence to create an autumn campaign for the Swedish and sustainable brand Milook. I got free hands to create autumn content from the existing collection. So it is not new clothes that have been produced, but these are garments that Milook has more or less standing. This is exactly what I liked with the whole idea, to show how you can use the same garment during the summer and autumn .. you do not have to buy new all the time and of course you can use linen all year round.

I chose to use several of the garments in layers upon layers. In other words, I did everything from location planning, garments and styling. Then I was probably as much in front of the camera as behind. A challenge to perform, of course, but at the same time quite nice to be able to steer completely yourself. Or almost completely myself, it was obviously not me who took the photos but I gave quite clear instructions for angles and distances etc .. This was the result anyway.

This linen dress is a favorite, used as a blouse with a longer skirt over or just as it is. The sleeves are so nice.
Here is the same dress with beige linen skirt over. At the bottom I wear a tie suit.

It was a fun job and it felt good to work with a brand like Milook, I like when the brands think a little and do not let themselves be swept away by the fact that you have to have new collections all the time. If you make good enough garments, they last over time and over the season.