I love matcha, not only for all its health benefits but because it has such a specific taste that is difficult to describe and it only gets better the more I drink it. Matcha means ground tea and that's exactly what it is. But just like with most things, there are good matches and less good ones. I have a friend who drives Yuko Ono Stockholm. She is an expert in tea and matching. She is even the Nordic region's first and Sweden's only certified teradvisor. I've asked her about her best matching tips. Yuko Ono comes from a Japanese tea grower family and since 2006 she runs the company Yuko Ono Sthlm where you can buy Japanese teas and learn more about tea and how it is used. She also arranges tea tastings, tea brewing courses and corporate events. So nice to give as a gift, I think. Love gifts that are experiences instead of material gifts.

Weather and water temperature

Just like a good winemaker, the tea grower tries to produce products with the same character regardless of weather and wind, but nature of course affects the finished tea. The same type of tea from the same grower can taste different from harvest to harvest and from year to year. It's also a bit of the charm of tea. I've tried really bad matches and I've tried lovely ones. If it's a really nice match, I like to drink it as it is without milk. But it took a while. If you are above when matching, I would recommend that you start with milk and maybe a little honey.

When it comes to your own tea experience, Yuko recommends trying different tea cultivars and tasting them. Experience what the brewing temperature does to the tea. The same tea can taste completely different depending on the water temperature you brew with. In order for the tea to be good, it is important to balance the amount of tea leaves, water temperature and preparation time. Water quality also matters. It is good to first let the water boil and then cool to the temperature you want. Especially if you have hard water that we usually have here in Stockholm.

Two different approaches

  • Pour hot water into bowl. Heat and soften the whisk in it. Pour off the water and dry the bowl. (I have my bowl on top of the coffee machine because it has a hot plate, so then the cup is heated by it and I can skip this one)
  • Put 1 teaspoon (1,5 grams) of matcha in the bowl.
  • Fill with water that has been boiled once and cooled to about 80 ° C.
  • Whisk first from the bottom of the bowl, then quickly back and forth for about 15 seconds so it becomes a fine foam. Finish with a gentle motion to remove the large bubbles on the foam.

Tip! This method comes from match researchers in Kyoto to provide an even better taste experience.

  • Put 1 teaspoon (1,5 grams) Match in the bowl.
  • Pour cold water, approximately the amount that fits in the lid of a PET bottle, into the bowl.
  • Stir to a smooth batter.
  • Pour boiling water on the cold matcha batter.
  • Whisk to a fine foam.

If you want you can mix the matcha with skim milk, I prefer oat milk but regular milk goes well with it. In the summer I drink it cold with ice and in the winter I drink it hot.

The health benefits of the match

Matcha is a green tea that has many good health benefits and there are several scientific studies that confirm it. If you choose organic match, you can only match made on green tea leaves without additives.

Here are some health benefits;

  • Antioxidants: matcha contains a lot of antioxidants and even beats goji berries, chocolate, blueberries and spinach. Studies done on green tea showed that Matcha had 137 times higher levels of antioxidants than regular green tea
  • Vitamin C: matcha contains vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D: matcha also contains vitamin D which has an important role for our skeleton which helps to build up skeletal density strength and maintain mood and immune system up during the winter.
  • Amino acid: there is also the amino acid L-theanine in matcha and it has psycho properties and is capable of influencing brain activities with alpha waves.

In addition, Matchan is perfect for all allergy sufferers as it is both gluten-free and lactose-free. Also match completely sugar-free.